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  • SEC Baseball and Kentucky

    Only one SEC Team is undefeated at this point in the season, Texas A&M at 11-0. Five teams have only lost one game, including Kentucky: Tennessee (11-1), LSU (11-1), Alabama (11-1), Georgia (10-1), and Kentucky (10-1).

    Next are Auburn and Arkansas, both at 9-2 on the season. Vanderbilt follows at 10-3, with Florida and South Carolina both at 8-3.

    Mississippi State is at 8-4, Ole Miss at 8-5 and the only SEC team underwater is Missouri at 5-6.

    RPI Rankings are still important in baseball, although they may be on their way out eventually. SEC RPI Rankings are as follows:

    2. Arkansas
    7. Alabama
    8. Texas A&M
    9. Georgia
    10. Kentucky
    12. Florida

    27. South Carolina
    32. LSU
    72. Auburn
    85. Tennessee
    124. Vanderbilt
    138. Ole Miss
    192. Mississippi State
    210. Missouri

    I am a little disappointed that Kentucky has not emerged in the D1 Baseball top 25 yet this season. I think they are deserving at this point. I think they follow baseball better than coaches or general media, so I like to look at their Poll first. I also think it's pretty influential when it comes time for NCAA Selection and seeding.

    They currently have the following SEC teams ranked in their top 25, including 6 teams in the top 9:

    2. Arkansas
    3. LSU
    4. Florida
    7. Texas A&M
    8. Tennessee
    9. Vanderbilt
    15. Alabama
    19. Auburn
    21. South Carolina

    Kentucky is also not ranked in Baseball America or the Coaches Poll.
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