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  • Kentucky v Kansas Baseball Game Thread

    I couldn't get in earlier, but had my own game thread I did in the hopes of posting it later.

    Kentucky facing Kansas today in the final round of the Round Rock tournament held in Texas. Kentucky is 5-1 on the season, and looking to win two of three in this pretty high profile weekend tournament. Doesn't have a ton of great, highly rated teams in it but it is being broadcast live by D1 baseball, which is likely the most influential service in college baseball, and greatly influences polls and such.*

    Mason Moore will be on the mound today for Kentucky. Since the site is down, I am just going to take a few notes and post it later when the site goes back up. It's a beautiful day, 76 with the wind gusting up to 26 miles per hour. Kansas defeated Texas state and lost to Washington State in the tournament, the same as Kentucky.

    Waldschmidt draws a walk to lead off the game, as Kentucky is the visiting team.* Nothing else doing in the first inning for Kentucky.

    Moore gets in a little bit of trouble in the bottom half of the first, with the lead off single and a one out walk, but gets a fly out and a strikeout to end the inning.

    E1 | Kentucky 0, Kansas 0

    Okay, this is no fun if nobody is reading this completely live so I'll be easing off on the play-by-play. McCarthy got an infield single and stole a base in the second inning, but nothing else done. A single and a double by Kansas and they draw first blood.

    E2 | Kansas 1, Kentucky 0

    Kentucky grabs and equalizing run in the third inning with a Grant Smith single, groundout, fly out, wild pitch, and a Devin Burkes RBI single. Nothing for Kansas in their half of the inning.

    E3 | Kentucky 1, Kansas 1
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