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  • Joe Moorhead a Fimilar Mark Stoops Nemesis


    The Kentucky Wildcats will be paired up with the Akron Zips Saturday at 7:30pm on the Kroger Field Turf. It will be another test of the team with the best traction on the new Sports turf. In the two previous live tests, has been a little matter of keeping your footing.
    As expected, the Wildcat have gone against two of the best passing tests of the season albeit against FCS Universities. However, passing quarterbacks at any level are effective if there is space for them to fit in to.

    The history of the Head Coach Joe Moorhead is a multiple offense with a bevy if motions and shifts which has historically brought about balanced offensive attacks. This will be another training exercise for the Brad White coached defense. The Kentucky defense has had mixed reviews. Outstanding front seven play but not so much in the play of the safeties. That position will have to live up to their pre-season billing. Stoops said JJ Weaver will have to step it up.

    Mark Stoops going against Moorhead is no stranger, he has faced him at Mississippi State in 2018 and 2019 have gone 1-1 in those contests. So, Stoops has a preview of what his team will face. The early wagering UK line of 25.2 favorite is something for the casual fan to ignore since the Wildcats narrowly covered in the Ball State game and didn’t cover in the EKU game.

    Even though running back Ray Davis is averaging 6.3 yards a carry, Stoops said he as well as other backs missed the holes the offensive have provided. If the UK defense doesn’t communicate better the Rips will show them how to find them.

    Kentucky expects to have right tackle Jeremy Flax who sat out of the game against EKU, will be back for this game. His replacement Courtland Ford graded out well against EKU. There were some drops and some penalties that were drive killers in the first half. A couple of holding penalties that put them in big holes behind the chains.

    As for as Liam Coen and his health, Stoops said he is very hard on himself. “I said take it easy we will get it fixed,” Stoops said of Coens being high-strung. “You think I’m High-strung…..shiss (laughter). Stoop said he thought Jager Burton played better at the center position. As Stoops has said on several occasions, that is a very complex position to play and having Eli Cox on the right side of him is a big help. For the EKU game, (ELI)Cox was voted lineman of the week in the SEC.

    As a player, most of the time you take talent over experience, in the case of Joe Moorhead everywhere he has coached, he has been highly successful in designing a very competent offense. He has a reputation of being an accomplished play caller.
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      Thanks, Lonny!
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      Excellent write up Lonny. Thanks for sharing all the info.
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