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  • Brief look at the Lexington Regional

    Cats finished # 2 in RPI, and frankly, looking at how poorly we finished the season, and our overall "good, but not great" record, it was obvious the Committee placed very heavy emphasis on that. Kudos to the RPI scheduling gurus, who earned everything they made this year.

    I know very little about the teams in our regional this year, but I would also be cautious about making assumptions based upon the team overall. So much of baseball is based upon the pitcher, and you face a teams very talented pitcher, and you're going to have a difficult task to defeat them, even if the team overall isn't as good. With that caveat:

    Ball State is from the Mid-American conference, where they had a 19-11 conference record. Their RPI is #101, and they are 2-7 in Quadrant 1 games. They won their conference tournament by going 3-0; defeating Central Michigan 7-6, Kent State 6-1, and Kent State 12-9. The games were played at Kent State, so that was a pretty good task with Kent State the prohibitive favorite.

    Indiana has an RPI of #30, finishing 16-8 in the Big 10. They have a 8-12 Quadrant 1 record. They feasted on Quadrant 4 teams, going 17-0. We defeated them in Lexington earlier this season, 12-2 in 7 innings. I almost hate that.

    West Virginia has an RPI of #24, finishing 15-9 in the Big 12. They have a 14-10 Quadrant 1 record. They finished the season losing their last 5 consecutive games. Not sure what is up with that, but they were swept by Texas on the road, and then lost both of their Big 12 Tournament games. Postseason in the NCAA tournament gives everybody new life, though. I don't know that I would read that much into it.