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  • UK Football Players to Watch in the Fall


    Spring practice revealed a lot of positives for the coaching staff have to analyze. There are tons of material on film of the practices and the spring game, as it were.

    The spring game condition was to factor in, and for the players to experience an element that most of them had never played in. That was extremely high wind.

    The huge positive coming out of the practices and the game was that there were no major injuries. No doubt, several bumps and bruises and believe me that was some bigtime hitting going on. Anyone will tell you that after the first game, no one is going stay 100 percent, physically.

    So, what positives and surprises did the coaches see? Unfortunately, my eyes are not being fully, utilized due to the limited opportunities. This required me to utilize every minute to the fullest. There’s always the eye-in-the-sky (smiles).

    The Wildcats lost four offensive linemen, however the five that brought in is an upgrade by comparison in the offensive tackle position --- Marcus Cox 6’6’ 310-pound and Courtland Ford 6’6 305-pound at the present, are penciled in at the tackle positions. Offensive line coach Zach Yenser, in the interest of speed and agility, likes his offense linemen long and willowy. The spring started off with the ground beneath them shaking from Mark Stoops’ bellowing. By the end of spring, they show marked improvement. The good thing about summer is now that, the coaches can work with them, there should be another big jump by, fall practice. The transfer portal has been good to UK. Another swing offensive lineman Ben Christman from Ohio State will bolster the line.
    Legacy Players

    Nickolas Hall 6’6 314 Son of Antonio Hall 2,000 to 2,003 who was a productive tackle and went on to play 10-years in the Canadian League and one year with the Kentucky Horsemen in the arene football league. The father told me that his son has a minor back procedure but will be ready for the fall camp. In the practices leading up to the bowl game, Hall received some mentions.

    Andru Phillips, a defensive back son of Carlos Phillips 1989 is a thumper that will be heard from this season. Last fall I witnessed him making a high pointed, one-handed snag in a drill.

    Kicker Jackson Smith, son of Chuck Smith 1978-80’, is attempting to carve out a way to get on the field in September.

    Defensive back Ty Bryant, son of Cisco Bryant 1983-85’, is one to watch throughout the season. I watched him for two seasons at Frederick Douglass. He was a workhorse on both sides of the ball. As an early enrollee he is receiving praise from his teammates. As we have always said, the player knows who can play.

    Wide receiver Dylan Gary 6’4 198, son of Willie Gary 1997- 2,000, is a walk-on that has caught the eye of the coaches. A huge percentage of football teams have a productive, said player. Take a look at Stetson Bennett, Georgia’s 2022 starting quarterback. Gary has excellent hands and runs good routes. His size is an excellent complement to 6’3’ Dane Key.

    A red zone piece that is transfer Dee Beckwith from Tennessee that came to Kentucky as a 6’5 236-pound wide receiver has been switched to running back. He showed a quick first step and can stick his toe in the ground in the spring game.
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      ShoesSwayedBlue -
      Very cool about the legacies. Knew about all of them except Gary. His Dad was a heckuva player.