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  • SEC Baseball, Week One

    Will update it after the games tomorrow but thought I would go ahead and make a post since I am looking at the live RPI numbers. SEC is, of course, well represented and will only get better. All 14 teams are ranked in the RPI Top 50. With the conference schedule underway, that guarantees that we will stay superstrong. I predict that unless there is something crazy like three or four teams that just win all their games in the SEC this year, the SEC will set a new record for the number of teams in the NCAA Tournament. Our RPI's will simply be too high to ignore.

    3. LSU 18-1, 2-0 SEC
    4. South Carolina 19-1, 2-0 SEC
    5. Kentucky 17-2, 2-0 SEC
    6. Arkansas 17-2, 2-0 SEC
    9. Vanderbilt 16-5, 3-0 SEC. They moved up +31 this week, no doubt aided by their sweep of nationally ranked #3 Ole Miss this weekend.

    20. Florida 18-4, 2-1 SEC
    31. Missouri 14-3, 1-0 SEC
    37. Georgia 13-6, 0-2 SEC
    39. Auburn 13-5-1, 0-2 SEC
    40. Ole Miss 14-6, 0-3 SEC
    41. Alabama 17-4, 1-2 SEC
    43. Tennessee 15-4, 0-1 SEC
    46. Texas A&M 13-6, 0-2 SEC
    49. Mississippi State 13-7, 0-2 SEC. Interestingly, they have moved up +25 this week, despite dropping two games to Kentucky. We did a very nice job with not only winning games, but scheduling such that teams can lose against us and not be hurt (and possibly help I don't know what they were ranked before this weekend started)
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