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  • Oscar Tshiewe and Sahvir Wheeler Contrast in styles leading up to Florida


    Oscar Tshiebwe and Sahvir Wheeler have a far different way of reviewing the Florida game in style and approach. Tshiebwe is spring the love and Wheeler appears to be on quard - no pun intended - of probing questions from the media.

    On Florida, Wheeler said - "We know they have fast starts. They have been known to sprint out to a lead as high as 20-6. The first five minutes we will see how they are playing and react to them." Him being a student of the game how do you approach them based on how they crushed Tennessee their last outing? He said - "At different parts of the game the conversation is different such as 'they can't keep up with our speed; they can't defend the dribble drive; they can't guard Tshiebwe, let's throw it in there' and that's some of the ways we approach it.'"

    Wheeler said the ankle is good. "I just tweaked a little bit but it's alright." About the ball screens he bristled somewhat in his answer. "It comes down to communication." He said he has been through a lot but his family has been around him and as long as my teammates love me I will be alright. When the question was repeated and again he bristled. "I'm the same way no matter," Wheeler reiterated with a little snap.

    Tshiebwe was also asked about the screen-and-roll? "You've got to trust your teammates," the youngster said. "You've got to know somebody behind you will help." Tshiebwe said Antonio Reeves is figuring it out," he said encouragingly. "He has to play loose for us to go far. I told him to forget about other things, just play basketball. Some of the guys are affected when they are not doing good. Some that when they come in here, they expect to do good all the time. That is when you fight."

    He said he likes Wheeler's attitude. When Calipari put him on the bench he came back and played well. "He really cares about his team and he wants to help us," Tshiebwe said. "I told him to stay focused because we are going to need you with all these big games coming up."

    He said he is playing a lot but he wants everybody to get minutes. "I put my arms around Damion Collin with him losing his father. I lost my father and it took me two years to get over it. I can't wait to see waht God has for him. Come here brother, I grab him and to him to hug him."

    He said Coach Chinn is coaching us up on the pick-and-roll. "On the film we did good on it. "We just have to fight and love on another. We word love we iterarted several times today by Oscar Tshiebwe.
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