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  • Was Rich Scangarello Caught off Guard by His Firing?


    After the game Saturday in the post-game interview session, Rich Scangarello spoke into future terms with the Wildcats. Perhaps he didn’t know he was on the chopping-block or he did an Oscar-winning acting job with the media.

    Photo: UKAthletics/Jacob Noger

    Stoops alluded to the fact after the Vanderbilt loss that there had to be some changes made after such and embarrassing defeat. That coming on the heels of the NIL-rollout that the timing could not have been worst.
    Some say there could more firings. Stoops more than once over the last weeks said he wasn’t going to put is head in the sand. The further question is the other 49er combo that came to the Cats last year. Is offensive line coach Zack Yenser’s job safe? Jager Burton’s dad conveyed to his son’s admiration of Yenser. Given that paradigm, perhaps the admiration is pervasive in the offensive line room. So you would hope that Yenser’s job is safe.

    What caused the failings of Scangarello? I said on other occasions that he miss-read UK’s personnel situations. #1 He knew the reputations of the Big Blue Wall (that was no longer present). There still remains a giant banner that hangs on one of the walls of the stadium that glorifies the Big Blue Wall. #2 He knew the reputation of the Wildcats ferocious running attack via Benny Snell the all-time rushing leader in UK history; he knew of the presence of Chris Rodriquez and not with-standing the four game suspension, he was on tap to break Snell’s record. #3 not having an immediate grasp of the college game as opposed to the Pro. The Pros are much more structured and the college game is generally far more open. #4 not taking into account he was going to have to restructure the BBW which had loss three players to the professional ranks. #5 the 49ers run the ball far more than any other NFL team and are successful at it. #6 so I thought the very bright Scangarello was blindsided and, perhaps Stoops bought too much into what Scangarello was selling…..

    In the presser the coach was forward thinking speaking in terms of what he was going to have available next season. “In practice this week I was standing behind the offensive formation including JuTahn McClain reveling in what I had to work with and nine of those guys are coming back,” Scangarello said gushingly.
    He said “when you huddle on third down the defense gets set and it’s full speed ahead for them and we were caught by that a few times this year” Scangarello said.

    Again the college game as opposed to the Pro game. Just like you have to stay ahead of the chains on offense, the overall offense has to stay ahead of the game. It is tough to get into the meat of the season and try and re-invent the Wheel.
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    1. Terry Blue's Avatar
      Terry Blue -
      Apples and oranges though with Coen and Scan
    1. catmanjack's Avatar
      catmanjack -
      One was good at getting his play makers involved the other wasn’t
    1. LakeCat's Avatar
      LakeCat -
      If he was caught off guard the 2.65 million buyout he is leaving with should ease the pain. Stoops made the hire maybe he should spring for half of that
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