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  • What Starting Offinsive Line Will Yenser Put on the Field?


    As of right now we don't know the nature of Kennrth Horsey's situation. All we do know is that we do know is that he left the field in pre-Georgia game warm ups about thirty minutes before the kickoff. So what is up with Horsey? Stoops shouldn't leave it open to question because of his medical history.

    Saturday's line blocking was perhaps, the best it's been all season albeit against the best defense in the country. The starter at the left tackle spot was Deondre Buford ans was the best it's been the entire season. That position has been a carvan of misical chairs part of the season until the decision was made to move Horsey frm his left guard position, out to left tackle.

    First, Buford started the season unsucessfullly for a couple of games. Then he was moved over to right tackle behind Jeremy Flax. In comes David Wohlabaugh Jr. to the left tackle spot for a couple of games which didn't work and he was switched to the right side guard, so consequently Horsey took the spot. This opened up a spot for red shirt freshman Jager Burton. That lelf the leftside of the offensive very unstable.

    So some 39-sacks later, in the absense Horsey, Burford returns and against the best defense in the Country, the line gave up one sack for 4-yards - at the the Georgia 16-yard line - and move the ball, primarily through the air springled in with some quarterback runs. That resulted in a 99-yard drive for a touchdown and a seventy-yard drive that ended with an inteception.

    There is no doubt Stoops and Yenser will put the best eleven om the field against the Louisville Cardinals. It will be interesting to see who Stoops will put in the left tackle spot. We are sure we will and to be fair to Horsey because he has been a trojan for the Wildcats and also Stoops wants the put the team in the best situation to win.

    Stoops said that Buford has had a good attitude, put is head down and worked hard everyday. He is an intelligent young man from Martin Luther King High School in Detroit, Michigan.
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      Scang says Horsey will play guard next year
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