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  • The Kentucky Wildcats go 4-0 to Extend Streak of Non-Conference Wins


    As inconsistent as it was the Wildcats made enough explosive pays to Ice the win over the NIU University.

    Mark Stoops said Will Levis had an exemely good game. The protection made them pay. They caught them in zero coverage on a couple of occasions that went for long touchdowns. "Right now we have a very good quarterback," Mark Stoops said. The Wildcats have a streak of 18 non-confrence wins and eight straight overall wins.

    Now it's on to Ole Miss to jump head long in to conference play. Saturday's game with the Ole Miss Rebels will be their Homecoming game.

    Stoops said they came out of the game relatively injury free. Levis was ask if he thought Barion brown was gone after the catch? "Aw yeah I knew he would' be caught after he turned the corner," Levis said in a caverlier tone. "As soon as he get by the safety I knew he was gone. After that happened the dropped back in a soft zone. It's really, really cool to watch Tayvion (Robinson) make moves before he actually caught the ball."

    It's really cool to have receivers that can make yards after the catch. "You need that - you need those electric moves and ability to make big plays. "We only had the ball two times in the first quarter. You never know when you are going to have those kinds of game which make the most of them.

    ? What do you think about Will Levis have to stand in there and make those throws? "That's what great quarterbacks have to do," Rich Scangarello said. "I'll never draft or recruit a quarterback that doesn't have grit and toughness. You have to have those things and without those you are never going to play in the NFL. A lot of players have talent but without thos qualitys they are never going to be sucessful."

    It's pretty obvious obvious that UK has the weapons that can come from anywhere or anytimes to hurt a defense. That's something that they haven't been able to say very many timess in the distant past.