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  • Report Card - Kentucky v Youngstown State

    Okay, admittedly many of you would be better at this, but to get some discussion going here goes. Agree with Mick to go by position groups.

    Quarterbacks - B

    Leviís did throw 2 picks, but I sort of realized in this game that our receiver group, while talented may not have enough reps to understand how to use leverage and their bodies to shield the defender. I think Deuce mentioned this on the first pick. Will did make a few throws that showcased his arm strength. The line doesnít give him a lot time yet to go through a progression but I do recall him hitting the tight end once that had to be his third read. He did connect to 11 guys I think. Ran when needed and he is one tough football player.

    Running Backs - B

    In some ways itís difficult to grade the rbís given our OL play. I thought Smoke ran well and showed a burst at times. Wright has so few carries at this point in his career that he is still learning to follow blocks and show some patience in finding holes. He did have the fumble after a nice gain. Again heís learning. Thought it was interesting that Beckwith had the final two carries. Not sure Drennan will ever find the field at UK.

    Wide receivers/TEís - A

    So much talent! Where to start? Dane Key is a stud. He is one new guy that seems to understand how to get open and compete against the db. Ran nice routes. Brown has a lot to learn on technique but made 5 catches. Great read and catch by Lewis on the TD. Good to see Crowdus back. Bates, Upshaw, and Dingle with nice routes and catches. Tayvion had a monster block on Leviís big run and picked up 66 yards receiving.

    Offensive Line - F

    One disclaimer, they were without One starter in Manning which is key in the run game. YSU had 10 tackles for a loss and I think 4 sacks. That is inexcusable against a FCS team. Iím not sure we have the right guys to run the zone blocking scheme. Burton graded poorly and you could see he was struggling. I still believe the line can be fixed but it certainly is our Achilles Heel at this point.

    Defensive Line - A
    Itís amazing to see the rotation at DL. A lot of guys played snaps and basically controlled the line scrimmage all game. I believe it was at the 5:00 minute mark in 2nd quarter before they got their initial first down. Deone Walker continues to impress and had top grade on DL with 25 snaps.

    Linebackers- A

    The loss of Weaver is a concern but there is depth here and Keaton Wade is showing he will be a future star as he picked up a lot of JJís snaps. Wallace and Jackson got a lot snaps. Wright continued his active play from last week. This is the strength of the team and our front seven is maybe our best ever.

    Secondary - A-

    Overall played well. Carrington showed a lot of moxie on his end zone interception after the interference call the play before. Valentine seems to get targeted a lot but manages to hold his own. Afari is a stud. He and Vito playing together next year could be fun to watch. Lovett played well in his first start.

    Coaching - B

    May not be fair here but for the first time I questioned a few of Scangís play calls. Especially in the red zone. I thought we were getting too predictable on first down, but he did move to more passing on first down as the game moved on. Not sure if there were any in game adjustments with the OL but again getting man handled at the line is a concern. Brad White had a good game plan as usual.