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  • Brad White Looks to Keep That Defense Train Moving


    ? How do you keep the players motivated in the mist of the fanfare they are receiving?
    We are a long way from great said White. "We have had a couple of solid games but it 's like a quarter of a game," White said. "We've still got three more quarters to go? He said the season is like a game. He said they are entering into the second quarter.

    ? What does Kahlil Saunder do well from the outside? "Every guy has their preference as to where they like to play and he feel comfortable out there to the field side," White said. "He has the athleticism to play out there to chase quarterbacks and ball carriers and that's something he does well.?

    ? What about Justin Rogers and Josiah Hayes? They like bodies around them so you've got to find the best area and positions for those guys," the coach said.

    ? How valuable is it having that experience of guys like Keidron Smith and Jacquez Jones? "There's nothing like the experience those guy bring having played in the SEC," White said. Not just play. It's understanding, knowledge, they under schemes they understand adjustments and it allows us to go in halftime and change the things needed to play to the highest level."

    ? When you lost Jalen Geiger how important was it with the new guys stepped in? "He (Jordan Lovett) takes to coaching, he not where we want him to be ad problably shouldn't be but he is coming along well.

    ? When Keidron Smith was at Ole Miss they moved him around a lot. What did you see that made you think he could play cornerback? "He played there his first couple of years and we felt comfortable. We knew his football character and his personal character and we felt he could do it," White said.

    ? Alex Afari was ask about the pride they took in preserving the shutout? " We took a lot of pride in that. We hadn't had that here in a while," the young man said. "We wanted for all the seniors - (DeAndre) Sqaure and Smith. We were talking on the sidelines about the possible shutout and not to let them score." He said he like the opportunity to rush the quarterback.

    White said Northern Illinois' offensive line does a nice job of setting up blocks. They are physical and play hard.
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