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  • Notes From 9/20 Practice


    - Tashawn Mannign did not play Saturday and start against Youngstown State but will play this Saturday. It was the third game starting.

    - At the Flarida game they were dead set on stopping he run. "They had a tough front seven."

    - Yenser said defenses are doing things to mess up our run game. Miami ran a lot of stunts and twist's.

    - The film is out there now and teams are going to gameplan on stopping the run.

    - A big problem is the same five haven't started a game this season.

    - Coach Yenser said they were happy for the play of Jager Burton.

    - Yenser as well as most of the coaches are putting a positive spin on the offensive line play.

    - Coach Scangaello said that right after the Youngstown State game he not happy with the way his offense performed.

    "I don't want to make some excuses," Scangarellos said "it was penalties, somethimg they didn't do all fall camp. Will Levis is a good leader. I made a bad call on one of Leves' interceptionss

    - We have to do more in the run game, "Stoops said they have to rue ran the ball downhil," Stoops said, "We've go to play beteer around," Mark Stoops "But Scangarello said 'Wiil Levis has to be smarter and not trying to hurdle the defense on the 7 yard line. We neeed a healthey quarterback.

    The coach said said they didn't execute well and from most of the post practice. What seemd to leak out from the players as well as the coaches. Scangarello said the old addage is "If you care of the ball you are going to win most of the time."