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  • May 9 Kentucky Baseball Update

    After winning the series against # 1 Tennessee -- something no team has done this season -- hope springs eternal. Our record improved to 26-21 (9-15 SEC). I would caution a healthy bit of caution, however.

    We remain tied for the 12th and 13th spots in the SEC standings. As a reminder, the top 12 teams travel to Hoover for the SEC Tournament. The bottom two end their season.

    We have 8 games remaining in the regular season--two nonconference opponents, UT-Martin tomorrow at home, and Tennessee Tech a week from tomorrow at home, and two SEC series remaining.

    This weekend we travel to Columbia, SC, to face the Gamecocks. South Carolina sits precariously at 10-14, just a game ahead of us. If we win the series against them, and end up in a head-to-head tie with SC, we would win the tiebreaker, so it's important to win that series if we hope to make Hoover.

    The final SEC series we host Auburn. Auburn has had a very good season, sitting at 32-16 (13-11 SEC).

    For NCAA at-large selection purposes, we're still very much a long-shot. We got a nice jump in RPI, up 14 spots after winning two-of-three from # 1 Tennessee, but we still sit at # 58. We need to play 8 more games against Tennessee, but alas, we play # 270 UT-Martin, # 67 South Carolina, and # 144 Tennessee Tech before we do finish with a strong opponent, # 10 Auburn. We just need to win.

    Would winning out give us enough? We won't know unless we do it. It would boost our record to 34-21 (15-15 SEC), and that looks pretty good. I suspect we'd get a little run up the computer brackets, too. We can ill afford to lose any games, though. If we win both our nonconference games, and win both remaining SEC series, that sounds pretty good. But the overall record would only improve to 32-23 (13-17 SEC) and that's just not good enough, even if we make Hoover with that record (which we should.)

    Will we see the same type of play we saw against Tennessee? I only saw Game 1, but I remarked during the game that I wished we had seen that Kentucky team play like that all season. They were making baseball plays, and after the terrible control issues from the first two pitchers, we settled down and saw good pitching, which continued through Game 2. As I said, hope springs eternal. Given that type of play continuing, who knows?

    I have said all year that Kentucky is just <--> right there, close to being competitive. We're not far at all. But being "not far" is not the same as being there.

    Are we there yet?

    Big week ahead. South Carolina will be ready for us, and the mid-major teams live to beat top conference schools in any sports, so these 4 games are critical.
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    1. dan_bgblue's Avatar
      dan_bgblue -
      I thought we played USC jr at their place and Aubie at Home.
    1. Darrell KSR's Avatar
      Darrell KSR -
      Quote Originally Posted by dan_bgblue View Post
      I thought we played USC jr at their place and Aubie at Home.
      Yikes. I screwed that up. We do. I'll fix.
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