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  • Diving Deep into the Depth Chart


    • This isn’t a spontaneous football mind that doesn’t go deeper. I have
    the luxury of not having to write on deadline or having to continue to produce consecutive articles.
    • So I, being on site have that initial impression. I have plenty of time to review multiple times of replays
    of the spring scrimmage.
    • First, so genius it was to have a major scrimmage rather than a spring game. That’s one of the reasons
    he has risen to the 15th best coach in the nation. And truth be known perhaps, even better that. After all
    he has won four straight bowl games including two Citrus bowls. Kentucky was underdog in all four
    • Splitting the squad into teams and playing a game is non-productive, other than entertainment for the
    fans, what do you learn. In the case of the weather, we learned whether some of the players that were
    not accustom to it, could handle it.
    • So what did I glean while deeply analyzing the entire roster?

    • The mid-level defender, junior Joel Williams that missed a lot of valuable time last season due to the
    unnecessary suspension of the SIX. Williams flew around wreaking, havoc.
    • Almighty Alabama had to come to Vanderbilt and take offensive tackle Tyler Steen to shore up a
    supposed 5-star roster. I’ll take developing offensive tackle David Wohlabaugh Jr.
    • Mike Drennen ll seemingly, has found his footing and ran up to where he was recruited. Let’s pause there
    for a minute. When Chris Rodriquez is gone, I can see a three-way Cat-fight for the starting job, and my
    prediction it’s going to be the one the BBN didn’t see Saturday, another North Hardin product La’vell
    • Pass-Pro was good. The three that stood out were left tackle Deondre Buford, fullback Justice Dingle, and
    Jager Burton. And in a pinch Quentin Wilson at center that sat in for Eli Cox who was attending a
    • Quarterback Beau Allen, even though he had some bad luck, looked poise, good pocket movement, and a
    nice, accurate arm.
    • Iowa transfer Deuce Hogan showed a strong arm and by next spring could be a strong challenger for that job.
    • Receiver Dekel Crowdus couldn’t go but Rahsaan Lewis showed his genes in a big way.
    • Defensive lineman Darrian Henry-Young, transfer from Ohio State, will supply some punch to the pass
    rush. His summer work with Corey Edmund and Mark Hill will pay dividends for him.
    • The transfer portal should supply a couple of key pieces in the form of a defensive back and maybe an
    offensive lineman with experience.
    • Expect defensive lineman Jamarius Dinkins will be heard from in 2022.
    - What to expect in the way of wide receivers this summer.
    - Don’t expect Alabama transfer Javon Baker to light it up.
    - He Is a good player but not a burner.
    - On the other hand Barion Brown is a burner.
    - Defensive back Elijah Reed is my sleeper in the 2022 class.
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