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  • Late night John Calipari Press Conference

    Vandy playing well. Wars when we played them both times. They've won 3 or 4 games in a row, hard game for us.

    Pippin has killed us -- probably averaging 40 a game against us. In these environments, if a guy puts up 40 against you, you probably lose. Vandy is healthy, dangerous, and playing as good as anyone in our league right now.

    (Avoids saying how high UK's seed should go..)
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    1. MickintheHam's Avatar
      MickintheHam -
      Coming down the stretch Vandy has played well. I thought in the last 6 conference games they were one of the teams that could beat Auburn. I would much rather be playing Bama. This will be an ugly game.
    1. CatQuick's Avatar
      CatQuick -
      Quote Originally Posted by Darrell KSR View Post
      We tweaked a couple of things.
      Must be tournament time if the tweak is back.