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  • Mark Stoops post practice press conference

    Good Monday for Kentucky. Need to tighten some things up, get the timing right, but excited, great weather, ready to go.

    Deep respect for Iowa. From one coach to another, you respect the way they play. They play tough, well coached, fundamentally sound.

    Most memorable moments from any bowl game is the end of them, so it is important (to win).

    Well coached and very good players at Iowa.

    They will do some good v good (1s v 1s) and hit before the game, but always a little difficult to get the physicality part down in practice ready for a game. It is hard to simulate.

    Praised Iowa coach and his wife for being generous with the Kentucky relief effort.

    Has not talked much with his brother Bob, as he's getting back in coaching-- "he's actually working" he laughed. "I need to catch back up with him. It won't be too difficult for him to get back on the horse."

    I"ve been searching for great balance. Iowa wants to do that, too. Our program has had our struggles being as balanced as we want to be. We had our ups and downs, but we did find some balance. We want to continue to work that way.
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    1. Carolinawildcats's Avatar
      Carolinawildcats -
      One of our home offices is in Cedar Rapids and there is a huge COVID outbreak up there right now. I sure hope we get this game in!!!


      Richard (CW)
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