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  • Will the Big Blue Wall Pass Their Toughest Test at Georgia?

    • Luke Fortner had a shiner on his right eye that he received at the 3:53 mark of the second quarter. He is playing well at the center position.
    • Darin Kinnard had a terrific wham block on a Chris z Rodriquez run. The offensive line is playing well and can block anybody, notwithstanding, it being a tough job.
    • Starting left guard Kenneth Horsey is part of a unit known as the Big Blue Wall. The uniqueness of that is the offensive trench-men in most cases are the least noticeable group on the team.
    • How the late John Schlarman brought notoriety to those groups of guys. And in a recent interview, Horsey’s voice indicated their admiration for the former offensive line coach when he got melancholy in conversing about their former leader and developer.
    • Horsey said it is a pleasure blocking for Chris Rodriquez and the entire running back room.
    • He expressed the versatility of running back JuTahn McClain and how offensive coordinator Liam Coen is drawing up for play’s for him.
    • UK has to be a good landing place for high school offensive linemen knowing the notoriety the Big Blue Wall would bring them.
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