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  • Georgia on my Mind Will be the Music of the Week for the BBN

    The Cats will make a trip on between the hedges with upset on their minds.

    On Paper it's a monumental undertaking. However, on paper, LSU was a monumental task but it was an absolute beat-down.

    Having a conversation with an exit UK player that was ultimately a Louisville transfer. Donnell Gordon, who I work out with at the High Street YMCA gives the Wildcats a chance at Georgia. His theory is that UK always plays Georgia tough, rarely a blowout. He plans to be regaled in his riot gear when on State Street Saturday night after the Georgia game.

    The Pleasure Chest of the game went to LSU transfer, Kentucky's left tackle Dare Rosenthal. What a validation! He has played well for the Wildcats.

    The best thing that happened to Kentucky was the Chattanooga game. It was a wake-up call that avoided disaster. Those types of teams can sneak up on you because they are veterans and have played together a long time. With the transfer portal in place, it's going to get more threatening.

    To win in Georgia, the Cats are going to again be solid on special teams - repeat the 45.7 punting average; catch punts wherever possible not allowing hidden yards for the opponent, and tackle their returners.

    The other component is to continue to play good defense and win the turnover battle.

    One element that gives the Cats a chance is Georgia's great defense but average offense. One thing that is overlooked is Kentucky's pass defense and open-field tackling.

    Kentucky's pass defense has been good. LSU's wide receiver Kashon Boutte was touted as the best player the Cats will play against on offense all year and UK held him to 73-yards, 37 of which came on one catch, and no touchdowns.

    Kentucky will have the best receiver - Wan'Dale Robinson; the best quarterback/football player - Will Levis; and the best running back - Chris Rodriquez.

    Liam Coen finally got Levis to calm down and slow down. Most of all he allowed Levis to be a football player. Levis is like a boxer when he tastes blood, then he's ready to play. He is physical, hopefully with the endurance of a Lynn Bowden.

    Pass protection is vital for an upset, Georgia has 86 quarterback hurries and 22 tackles for loss. So, step up "Big Blue Wall."

    Coen used all his weapons and one unnoticed weapon is Izayah Cumming's blocking that was some initially feared might be a question. Get that one out of your mind.
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    1. dan_bgblue's Avatar
      dan_bgblue -
      Thanks Lonny. I heard that Oxendine is going to be out for this game. He has really been coming on strong and his loss is gonna hurt. Who will they look at to replace his minutes?
    1. LonnyDemaree's Avatar
      LonnyDemaree -
      unfortunately he is out for the season.
    1. Terry Blue's Avatar
      Terry Blue -
      He and Bully, 2 of our best DL. If you look across the country, most everyone loses key players. Look at LSU
    1. Catfan73's Avatar
      Catfan73 -
      Georgia on my mind, the devil went down to Georgia, leavin on that midnight train to Georgia…hopefully the Cats make Saturday the night the lights went out in Georgia.

      Bonus points if you know this…Georgians think Midnight Train to Georgia is about them but it was written about Lee Majors and Farrah Fawcett.