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  • Cats Win A Rock and Sock Affair 16-10

    Mark Stoops opened up his post-game press conference with a comical quip. "Where is everybody? Look like everybody stayed home relaxing on the couch while I'm here sweating it out."

    On a more serious note, he said they played well in hostile territory. His defense shut out the Gamecocks in the first half. And they came out of the locker room in the second half and compressed the score 10-7, but the Cats didn't blink.

    It's been said many times that there will be adversity in the game, but you have to fight through it. But the adversity shouldn't happen in bunches. Some might say the number of turnovers is coincidental, but Websters says a coincidence is just that. They don't come in bunches like bananas. UK is leading the country in turnovers.

    Stoops said that turnovers hurt their momentum. "We can't flinch at adversity," Stoops said. He said Chris Rodriquez got tough yards at end to Salt the game away. Commenting on the DeAndre Squares eight tackles is something he's been doing for years.

    Levis said they got the turnover bug out of their system and when they get their first one they start coming regularly.

    Sacks are not in abundance but seemingly when they do get one it is very timely. J.J. Weaver said before the game, "If they get two sacks and stop the run they will win the game. How prophetic is that? Carolina had 58-yards on the grown.

    A big key to winning the game was to stop Josh Vann their most dangerous receiver - 3 catches for 16-yards.

    In the open- field Jalen Gieger was everywhere and not missing tackles. Square said he spends a lot of time in the film room and he will continue to shine in that category.

    At the nose-tackle spot, UK's Josiah Hayes and Justin Rogers play a big part in stalwart defensive line play.
    Now it's on to correcting the turnover problem and get ready for the Florida Gators that is now running the ball more successfully which plays into UK's strength.

    Will Levis said the Willian Brice Staduim gives us energy, really cool.
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    1. MickintheHam's Avatar
      MickintheHam -
      Turnovers and bananas come in bunches. We have enough for the Fulton Banana Festival
    1. Terry Blue's Avatar
      Terry Blue -
      -9, 2nd worst in country, but still 4-0