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  • Question's for the Culture of the a Rising UK Football Team

    * There were years in the past we questioned the starters in addition to the depth-chart. We now see some glaring assets in the starting lineup as well as the backups.
    * The depth chart shows there are 10 starters on the defensive side of the ball. That alone has to make the BBN confident the offense will get the ball back.
    *Fast forward to next season. The natural for most teams but for UK there are a lot of quality players playing in games this season. In the backup rolls resides 20 players broke down like this: 5-juniors; 9-sophomores; and six freshmen.
    Given those aforementioned facts the culture will not suffer a setback that Mark Stoops has built. That culture projects 11 player in the 2022 draft.

    Surprises for the BBN to look for
    Freshman offensive lineman Deondre Burford, little talked about, perhaps, because all of the oxygen was taken up by All-American Darin Kinnard and All-American LSU transfer Dare Rosenthal. Burford and fellow freshman offensive lineman Jagger Burton are huge for the continuation of the big Blue Wall. Though my breakout player on the offensive side of the ball was, prior to the final depth chart is wide receiver Tae Tae Crumes. Stoops said yesterday he has been looking for Crumes to come.
    Another player in my surprise category is the next defensive super-star, Josiah Hayes.
    Don't be surprise if Colin Goodfellow trots out there on the first punt. Remember last season he got off a couple boomers with hang time.
    Players to Make a Push Justin Rogers star ratings aside, will eventually live to those f-stars. Roger has been slow to come along because of tightness in the hips. Turns out he had surgery on a hip. My eyes behind the curtain said he had a good last and important scrimmage. This obviously reflects on the depth chart - outside Outside/Jack linebacker J.J. Weaver who has shed the practice red-shirt (injury guard). Mark Stoops said he is going to be careful with that player because he has potential start-power written on him, and not pushing the envelope - Running Back La'Vell Wright checks all the boxes and could have also been in the surprise Category.

    It may come as a surprise to you when it's determined that all six suspended players return to the field. This, I predict!!
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    1. Powermaker's Avatar
      Powermaker -
      I think you meant to say “ten SENIOR starters on defense “ . We’ve tried the 10 men on the field strategy and it’s never worked out too well .
    1. blueboss's Avatar
      blueboss -
      Thanks LDÖ as usual Iím extremely excited for the start of the seasonÖ Iím just hoping Lucy is quarantined all season.

      Go cats!!!

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