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  • Offensive Line Showing Size and Versatility

    * In practice since being named the starting quarterback, Will Levis has shown himself to be an accomplished passer of the football. To be at his peak he has to have time to throw the football and that's where the offensive bears the brunt of the responsibility supplying that.

    * The entry of LSU transfer All-American tackle Dare Rosenthal, there has been some shaking going on in order the get the best combination of starters on the field.

    * Coming out spring practice it projected to be Darian Kinnard at left tackle switching over from right tackle; left guard Kenneth Horsey; Luke Fortner at center; right guard a plethora of candidates; and at right tackle Jeremy Flax.

    * in an and interview two years ago Kinnard said he was recruited for the left tackle position. Offensive line Coach Eric Wolford said that the left tackle gets the big buck in the NFL, but he said Kinnard is a team first guy, citing a quarterback that has just signed a NFL contract making big-bucks. He said he text it to all his players.

    * The switch of Kinnard back to right tackle was in order because he was comfortable there and enabled Rosenthal to stay at left tackle where he made All-American. This entailed less teaching of both tackles because there is a game coming very soon.

    * What are Rosenthal's attributes? "He is long, athletic skill set, and was clocked at 20 MPH," Wolford explained. He has a bundle of reps at the left tackle spot. Again Kinnaird is a team first player." The coach said Eli Cox is pound for pound the strongest guy on the team and his power that coupled with Kinnard will present a strong run-blocking presence. He said Kinnard there is like riding a bicycle. you don't forget it.

    * Jeremy Flax can play the tackle and guard and still has his head in it. Much like John Schlarman, Wolford is attempting to build a nine or ten man rotation.

    * Kenneth Horsey at the left guard gives the toughness, much like former left guard Logan Stenberg that is in the NFL's Detroit Lions. He is the nastiest guy on the offensive line. Along with the athletic attribute he has an attitude. Wolford sees freshman David Wohlabaugh as a multi-positional lineman and though a freshman has a lot of promise. Jagger Burton is another freshman that bring an athletic skill set. Burton ran some extra-points at Frederick Douglass.

    As for as pass blocking, "at the end of the Day you are going to be in third and long and you have to block from inside out for the quarterback to step up (in the pocket)," said Wolford. So they are working extensively on pass-pro.

    * When the offensive line starts to work as a unit and not 1 on 1, Levis can function at a high level. This is a part of leading a quarterback being a leader. It's comprised of three things - Social, Athleticism, and Academics. Without any one of these qualities the "T" will be missing in team and in my years I witnessed it all.