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  • TJ Beisner Tabbed UK MBB Director of Player Development

    Beisner will lead teamís brand building, NIL, community service and player welfare approach

    LEXINGTON, Ky. Ė TJ Beisner, who has more than 15 years of experience in media, communications and digital marketing, has been named director of player development of the Kentucky menís basketball program, a new position that will oversee the execution of all elements of the student-athleteís off-court experience, including primary areas of player welfare and player branding.

    Under the direction of UK menís basketball head coach John Calipari, Beisner Ė in concert with Kentuckyís brand and content team and the Kentucky Road initiative Ė will lead and support the Wildcatsí brand-building strategy in the new Name, Image and Likeness era, monitor all changes in NCAA legislation and trends across college athletics to develop strategies and solutions to keep Kentucky at the forefront of college basketball, organize and manage the programís community service involvement, provide support to players on non-basketball issues, and develop team-wide events focused on educating student-athletes on personal and career development.

    ďThis position is going to play a major role in the next phase of Kentucky basketball,Ē Calipari said. ďOur players-first approach remains the foundation of this program and we wanted to take a concerted and strategic approach to what that means in all facets of our program. From helping our players build their brands, to getting our players into the community, helping us educate them on key issues, offering off-the-court support to both our kids and their parents, to alumni relations, TJ is going to serve as a director for us off the court.

    ďKentucky should be the best in the country in branding, player welfare and development. TJ has been a key part of this program for the last few years in his role with JMI and as editor of CoachCal.com and I know he is ready to take on this responsibility.Ē

    Beisner has worked closely with the Kentucky menís basketball program and UK Athletics since May 2018 as the director of digital media and content development for UK Sports & Campus Marketing. Beisner was responsible for managing the production and development of University of Kentucky and UK Athleticsí assets and worked directly with university and athletics partners to develop creative storytelling and branded media projects while also managing UKís official radio and television partners. Under Beisnerís leadership, the UK Sports Network transformed the official television partnership and launched a model that gives the University of Kentucky one of the strongest local television presences in the country.

    As a part of his role with JMI Sports, Beisner was the editor of CoachCal.com and assisted in the social media and content creation of Calipariís digital platforms.

    ďThere is no place like the University of Kentucky,Ē Beisner said. ďAs a student, it changed my life. As a parent, Iíve watched the university and UK Athletics do the same for my son. I am thrilled to join Coach Calipariís staff and have an opportunity to be a supportive and impactful part of the one-of-a-kind college experience you can only receive at the University of Kentucky. I absolutely cannot wait to do my part in keeping UK basketball as the gold standard in this new era of college athletics.Ē

    Prior to arriving at JMI Sports, Beisner served as the host of Kentucky Sports Television and was an editor of the Kentucky Sports Radio website. He will serve as an adjunct instructor in the University of Kentucky College of Communication and Information this upcoming academic year.

    One of Beisnerís chief responsibilities will be working in coordination with the greater UK Athletics Department to develop a first-class NIL program that maximizes opportunities for student-athletes and aligns within the goals of the University of Kentucky. Monitoring NCAA legislation and operating compliantly with the stateís current NIL rules, Beisner will help develop player-specific branding plans to maximize a student-athleteís profile.

    Player welfare will be at the heart of the director of player development position. Community service opportunities, team-wide events focused on education and personal career development, and student-athlete support will be day-to-day objectives of Beisner.

    Beisner will also be responsible for identifying opportunities throughout the Kentucky menís basketball program for development and improvement and present solutions and strategies that push the program forward, including but not limited to, new media partnerships, summer camps, apparel, creative scheduling ideas and on-campus events.

    He is expected to begin later this month.
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    1. catmanjack's Avatar
      catmanjack -
      Just kind of luke warm thoughts here, just seems UK is behind and getting dusty.
    1. MickintheHam's Avatar
      MickintheHam -
      Quote Originally Posted by catmanjack View Post
      Just kind of luke warm thoughts here, just seems UK is behind and getting dusty.
    1. KeithKSR's Avatar
      KeithKSR -
      Quote Originally Posted by catmanjack View Post
      Just kind of luke warm thoughts here, just seems UK is behind and getting dusty.
      Based on what?
    1. catmanjack's Avatar
      catmanjack -
      TJ might do a great job but this hire does not say wow UK is really ahead of times here and says more like this was the easy I know you hire.
      Again with the NIL all I heard was UK would be so far ahead and this would make it so easy for UK to get the top 5 players again that Cal so needs.
      Well the first big one is at Memphis.
    1. StuBleedsBlue2's Avatar
      StuBleedsBlue2 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Darrell KSR View Post
      I hope that's the best available person for the position. It's pretty important.
      I don't think anybody knows who is the best person available for something that is so new. I would hope that there was a plan created with a set of responsibilities and they hired the best person they think can execute the plan. Only time will tell. Indeed it is important. I tend to have confidence in Cal when it comes to marketing.
    1. kingcat's Avatar
      kingcat -
      There just aren't that many deals out there right now. But there will be..especially for those who succeed or endear themselves to their respective sport. In season sports will find NIL begins to be all the talk, and will make big news. And that will cause a ripple effect for advertisers more akin to a full on plentitude of tsunamis, imo.

      Those who find themselves being talked about by Vitale and others or who are on TV playing constantly will begin to receive offers big and small. We have no idea yet how it's going to go, nor do the advertisers who must be judicious in how they approach this..

    1. dan_bgblue's Avatar
      dan_bgblue -
      The publicity of the FedEX involvement with Duren's RECRUITMENT may cause issues for Memphis and Duren, it may also give Emmert a lever to put the NCAA back in the rules and regs game with more than a peg leg to stand on. It may not but I can see him trying to worm his way back in using that info.