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  • VAUGHT: Calipari talks Warren Buffet, LeBron James, social media, more on podcast


    Kentucky basketball fans can hear coach John Calipari in a different type interview starting today on the podcast “How Leaders Lead” with David Novak (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/id1223803642).

    The podcast launched in July with Novak, the founder and former CEO of Yum! Brands who created a leadership development company after his retirement. His podcast has conversations with leaders in business, sports and entertainment and how they make a difference in their communities. One of his recent guests was golf legend Jack Nicklaus.

    It’s really a fun interview with Calipari starting with a story about the two of them having lunch with Waren Buffet, a multi-billionaire and having lunch at KFC.

    “His stuff is about ideas and doing things and being curious,” Calipari said about Buffet on the podcast.

    The Kentucky coach recalled how excited Buffet got when Calipari texted NBA superstar LeBron James and got an immediate answer. Calipari said the billionaire was like a “little kid” when James texted back.

    Calipari talks about how James went to see psychologist Dr. Bob Rotella to help with his shooting and sought Buffet’s advice on how to best use his money. Of course, Calipari has also used Rotella to work with his team and also advise him on how best to handle his team.

    Calipari talks extensively about his use of social media and calls it “one of the best things I have ever done” after he was talked into doing it because it gives him a chance to defend himself or let others defend him.

    I enjoyed listening to the UK coach talk about the “great job” his wife, Ellen, did raising their three children when he was spending so much time coaching. Some of the other subjects include how Calipari stays rejuvenated, *history of how he learned the dribble-drive offense, what book he’s reading, Derek Willis and more.