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  • My Personal Relationship with John Schlarman's Coaching Career


    Everybody's form of media outlets are doing their Coach John Schlarman warrior-like coaching of the Wildcat's offensive line.

    Casting media professionalism aside, for the purpose I will be referring to him as John and not Coach John Schlarman. Every media interview and or article, it's always Coach John Schlarman.

    My humble upbringing has for the most part tempered me to remain humble. So, having said that I'm not a I, I, Me, Me guy.

    State High School coaches, pundits. and fans down through the years have lauded me in my being everywhere there's a football bouncing, Lonny's there.

    So, Lonny what is it?
    John approached me stating his desire of wanting to be a football coach. Though Dudley Hilton may have not known my name he knew my face ever prevalent, and probably, said who is this guy? Hilton has seen me around his programs in Eastern Kentucky? Hilton in 1997 had just acquired the head coaching job of a struggling Bourbon County football program. I pointed John to Hilton with my assurance that Hilton would jump at a chance to get a successful former UK warrior on his staff.

    Hilton hired John in 1997 and they went on to win a Class AA high school football championship.

    Back to Coach John Schlarman
    When I interview Coach Schlarman he's always got a big smile on his face before and after his diagnosis of cancer. He doesn't know how much Timber (prayers) I've sent up on his behalf.

    Though I've never walked a mile in his shoes, I think there's hardly a person that will read this article that hasn't experienced cancer in his or her family - yours truly included. I've had Prostate cancer and was blessed to catch it early with very little residual effects. I have a daughter, though looking at her you wouldn't know it, she been dealing with a very serious medical condition over the last fifteen years.

    Coach Schlarman has been dealing with an undisclosed cancer for the last two years. He'd a Trogan. How he often takes treatment in the morning and is right back out there coaching his group in the afternoon. One player said the treatment would sometimes nauseates him to the point of regurgitation on the sideline of the practice field and continuing on coaching his players.

    Kudo's to coach Stoops for giving Schlarman the game ball after the Tennessee win.

    All the facts I alluded to in this article is verifiable if one chooses to fact check me. Ask Coach Schlarman personally or Hilton when he hired John and how Schlarman (if he's aware), was led to him.