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    UK's redshirt freshman defensive lineman Isaiah Gibson is experiencing the new defensive line Coach Anwar Stewart influence. Stewart is very energetic and works his players hard. "We are starting to see that. He has really taken the medicine, to the coaching and continuing to get better every day," Coach Stoops said.

    Defensive back Brandin Echols said last season he was unsure of himself but this season he is confident of what is required. It's evident by the aggressive nature of his play as the season progresses.

    Now that Davonte Robinson is back and Vito Tisdale presence is felt, as they roam from sideline to sideline in the nichel the secondary can cut it loose and play.

    The UK linebackers that was originally thought to possibly suspect, are turning to be a standout strength. The Downhill Thumpers (Mayockism glossary) are really having an impact on the defense. In the person's Jamin Davis - DeAndre Square - Boogie Watson - Jordan Wright - Jared Casey - Marquez Bembry - J.J. Weaver and true fresh D'Eryk Jackson form a good group of difference makers.

    Seemingly the seccondary had been reading their press clippings and life hadn't hitting them in the face with 'what have you done for me lately?'

    Punter Max Duffy! What can you say? This guy is unlike anthing seen at UK. What a defensive weapon!

    Eddie Gran said they will get Bryce Oliver back for the Tennessee game. He said that should help bolster the passing/receiving game. Gran had nothing to say about Akeem Hayes being a help to the receiving corp. In his Monday presser,Stoops was asked about Hayes twitter comment about lack of playing. He said he was going to have a talk with Hayes that afternoon...we call that a come to Jesus meeting.

    About the lack of offensive play Sans the high expectation for their production. That expectation was bottled up in the Mississippi State game. Darian Kinnard said they are working hard in practice to address the little things which are simple things. "Coming into the season we knew it was going to be hard," Kinnard said. To some smack talking from a Tennessee radio guy, Kinnard said "We just got to suck it up and play."

    Tennessee quarterback Jarrett Guarantano in the midst to just so so, play he seems to play his best agains the Cats. This season he is completing just 50.4 percent of his passes. In ranking the SEC quarterbacks he took issue with being ranked behind Terry Wilson. Will he exaggerate his play in trying to prove a point?" He likes to go for the home run ball even if he has a shorter route open.

    Will the Vols after coming off a game against the Georgia Bulldogs be looking ahead to the Alabama Crimson Tide? With UK sandwiched in the middle. UK is positioned to upset Tennesse. In perusing the stats between the two teams it shouldn't be called an upset. The only reason is that Kentucky hasn't won at Neyland stadium since 1984.
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    1. Terry Blue's Avatar
      Terry Blue -
      Coach Ortmeyer thinks we beat Tenn and if this happens we beat Ga
    1. Catfan73's Avatar
      Catfan73 -
      Ortmeyer has been very critical of the fact we have no Special Teams Coordinator. He must have seen something he liked last week.
    1. catmanjack's Avatar
      catmanjack -
      I sure am glad these sideline QBs are always right in their assessment.