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  • Boogie Watson pre-Mississippi State interview

    * Any game you look back on you see plays you could have done differently. He and the rest of the defense know that there are more plays they need to make. Everybody knows what needs to be fixed and they know what needs to be fixed going forward.

    * As far as the mood in the locker room is concerned, everybody is ready to get their first win on the board. "We let two slip away. We have not put out the best film as a defense as a whole. There is much better we can do as a defense. We are anxious to show how good a defense we really can be."

    * Air raid puts stress not only on my position but the whole defense as well. It will spread us out, maybe especially on the back end. The back eight has to be all on the same page.

    * Point of emphasis is to get to the ball. Everybody getting to the ball and getting it down to the ground. Limiting the yardage as much as possible. Playing SEC opponents for 10 weeks, you can't have as many errors. Every mistake is going to cost you in this league. We have seen that firsthand. It is not like they are playing a team from the MAC or a lesser conference. We have to play at a higher level and we are capable.

    * I have something to prove every game. It is my last season, so I have more at stake. It is not hard for me to be motivated the rest of the season. Just need to make sure that the rest of the guys are just as motivated as well.