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  • Landon Young pre-Mississippi State interview

    * We do not look at the rushing yards as an offensive thing or a one sided thing, but a team thing. In every position group there were four or five plays in the game against Ole Miss that could have changed the momentum of the whole game. We cannot say that even though we put 400+ yards on the ground that we should not have had 450 on the ground. Putting that extra 50 yards on the ground and another touchdown would have won the game. We did not have the best of games, even though we rushed for that many yards. We left stuff out there that we did not take advantage of. The loss sets sour on your stomach for 24 hours. Then you have to act like that did not happen, go back to work, and fix your mistakes.

    * On the lack of attendance. "It definitely feels different. You do not get that same energy. But at the end of the day they're out there to play football."

    * One thing that he feels like they have not done as well is to be united with the other position groups. With the times being so crazy, it has been more difficult. They used to have their "break bread" where they would sit down with somebody that they did not really know or have a great relationship with, and their task was to eat a meal with them and learn about them. With Covid, I cannot sit around the facility and eat, sit around the facility and learn about each other. They do not have that ability or time. We need to get that team unity back that is so different this year from last year.

    * The most difficult part of playing against a 3-3-5 is just that you do not see it much. Not a lot of team's run that. One team did last year. It is a completely different look than you are used to. You do not get those looks a lot, even in practice. It is hard to prepare every single scenario for.

    * On the lessons learned from the 2016 season when Kentucky turned their season around after early losses:

    There are absolutely lessons that can be learned from that, even from some of the guys that redshirted that year. Those guys learned those lessons, too. You can never let one (loss) turn into two, two turn into three, and so on. Especially in an SEC schedule. You are facing the best of the best every single week and this is not a time to to hang your head. You have to keep your head up and keep on grinding. We invest so much in this game, a lot of people do not even know how much the players, the coaches, the trainers invest in this game. We have to keep digging and keep playing harder and eventually that investment will cash out.

    *Things to work on: We are working on trying to create that unity across the team. It has just been a little slower transition this year. Otherwise, we just have to focus on the basics, not be selfish. In the past, some Kentucky teams suffered from this. One person would want to be the superhero. And make plays that they should not have to, they should just make plays that are their job. You cannot be a superstar out on the field. You have to keep the selfishness out of it. You have to make the routine plays, and keep doing what your coach teaches you how to do.

    * Landon is a big bluegrass fan. Has been learning to play the banjo. JD Crow is a big family friend of theirs. "I love just about any bluegrass I can get a hold of."

    Two particular banjo players inspired him to learn how to play. One was always JD Crow. They went to the same church together, he used to go up to J.D. and his wife when Landon was a little kid, talk with him. The second one is Biscuit (Gary "Biscuit" Davis), a four-time national banjo champion that he saw at Dollywood when Landon and his wife were visiting. He had a chance to sit down with him and have a talk with him as well. Biscuit is a big guy like him; talked to him about big guy problems like big fat fingers on those little 5 strings.

    * About "Rocky Top" -- "I will vibe to some Rocky Top on every single week except Tennessee week. I do like the song, it is a good song. I just hate that Tennessee had to ruin it by putting that orange and that team behind it."