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  • Kavosiey Smoke - a year more experienced, leaner, quicker and ready to win

    Kavosiey Smoke spoke to the media today after practice. He is a year older, a year wiser, leaner and faster, and ready to win. Here are some of the comments from today's interview.

    *Kavosiey said the biggest difference between high school and college football is not the physicality, but things like reading defenses. He said that he has always been a physical player, but it was an adjustment for him at Kentucky to learn how to read defenses. He said that is an adjustment the young running backs are making, although they are learning it quickly, as they are all helping each other and pushing each other in practice.

    *From one year ago to today, Kavosiey said that he is simply a more patient player, learning to read the defenses even better, and he is faster because he is a little bit leaner.

    *Kavosiey believed that the depth of the running backs would be a real asset to Kentucky this year and was critical in a 10 game SEC season.

    *Kavosiey is working on his pass protection getting better, suggesting that he did not want to see another quarterback go down. He said that all of the running backs are getting better at pass protection, though.

    *He is a big Lynn Bowden fan, as you would expect. He called Lynn the shifty is player he had seen, and said that his footwork and hands were both excellent and things that he wanted to mimic.

    *Last year the running backs were big fans of the wide receivers blocking, and said that the key to their success was that everyone held each other accountable. He said it was all about winning, and it was never about who got the carries or who got the catches between them.

    *When asked how excited Kavosiey was to see both Alabama and Auburn on the schedule this year as an Alabama resident, Kavosiey just said, "I'm ready. Just know that. Nothing else to say. Just ready to play."