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  • UK Reels in a Blue Chipper Jager Burton

    In some rating systems second rated player in the state of Kentucky Jager Burton was seated at the table with caps representing some of the highest powered football schools in the country.

    The teams in the running was Ohio State, Alabama, Clemson, Oregon, and his home state school across town, Burton choosed the University of Kentucky.

    The BBN was in high anticipation of which cap he will don as the school he wants to spend the years with. In these days of turmoil, the BBN needed some good news.

    The young man had a thong of BBN support at the KSBAR on South Broadway.
    It has been long believed Burton would pick the Wildcats, but nothing was taken for granted since Alabama and Ohio State had been a constant nemesis for the Wildcats. Alabama was the school that show distain for his choice when he called them to inform them of his choice.

    Burton and his partner Walker Parks anchored the Frederick Douglass Broncos offensive and defensive lines. Last season Parks Chose the Clemson Tigers.

    Burton will add to the customary Big Blue Wall. There was thunderous hoop from the crowd when he picked up the UK CAP.

    The original date of the 24th was delayed because his dad Jeff had Gall Bladder surgery two weeks ago. I was aware of it but was sworn to secrecy out of respect to the family.

    Jeff is evidently a fast healer because he looked good and said he felt good. We would hope that Jager Burton never has a situation when he needs healing but if he does, he’s a chip off the old block.

    “When I went to a camp at UK, Coach John Schlarman told me to switch to the offensive side of the ball,” Burton said. “He said I had good quickness but in the offensive line I would be the quickest guard in the SEC.”