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  • Wildcats Football Enlist the Services of Two New Assistant Coaches

    What a luxury to have experienced veterans on the 2020 Wildcat football team. Defensive coordinator Brad White has expressed his pleasure in having a lot of help from the sideline.

    He speaks of linebackers DeAndre Square and Jamar "Boogie" Watson's knowledge and recognition of what's transpiring on the field of play. These guys are grabbing guys and coaching them up before I can respond to them about a mistake.

    I say these guys have been in the film studying profusely. "They both would coach with me," White said. This will carry them a long way in their football career. White said Square is coming out of his shell and becoming a good leader.

    As a throwback I witnessed a disgruntled pair of experienced starting linebackers Chad Anderson and Dustin Williams displaced as leaders by Valdosta, Georgia's Wesley Woodyard. The year before freshnman Woodyard arrived, Anderson and Wiliams recorded 100-tackles each. Albeit many of them were in the second level.

    Woodyard was and is a born leader. Starting at Valdosta, Woodyard has been a captain 17 straight years. I consider that phenominal.

    Big Guys
    Mark Stoops said he is really impressed with his freshman class and their size. He talked about their size overall. He made mention of his backup offensive linemen - Austin Dotson, Nassir Watkins, John Young, Eli Cox, and Nick Lewis who Stoops said has made a big jump, all over 300-pounds. Stoops also said backup center Quintin Wilson is ready to alternate with Drake Jackson who will get the bulk of the snaps.

    White espressed pleasure when he rolls out his defensive linemen and their size.

    Stoops said they have some youngsters that can play the game and without calling any names, if the guy in front of him is not playing up to his satisfaction they are going to play.

    Drake jackson said when Covid-19 hit and everything changed in terms of the ability to get into the facilities, conditioning-wise he knew there was two ways to go backward or forward. "I changed my eating habits and lost thirty pounds," Jackson said. "I'm putting it back in muscle. You're always trying to change your body."

    Jackson said he was really surprised with the room and how well they looked (offensive linemen.)

    Stoops is overall happy with what he sees from his players. Without putting in a bunch of rules for off campus socializing, he is trusting his leadership team to keep the younger players in check.