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  • Kentucky in Need of a Season to Display Their Progress


    The next fun event for our Awesome Staycation is …. Hopefully football. UK has some fun things they wasn’t to put on display for this 2020 season that we will talk about throughout this article.

    There is very little etched in stone as to whatever will take place in September. While listening and observing the various and sundry conference commissioners, nothing has been decided (Covid-19 dictating).

    The one commissioner that is succinct in his declaration in the Michael Aresco the AAC Commissioner. He was formerly a noted writer and formerly an American college and television executive. Aresco said there would definitely football in the AAC.

    The SEC presidents meet Monday and it is anticipated something concrete will come out of their meeting.
    Without be overt they are taking a look at Pro football and MLB to see how they handle the situation they find themselves in.

    As per usual the 2020 win loss finale for the Wildcats is all over the place. Before Covid-19 most were settling on 7-5. I think that under-shooting it some.

    UK opponents will run into a defensive buzz-saw, given the Cats return 13 of the top 16 tackler’s tackler. Only one in Calvin Taylor is significant.

    Yusuf Corker – 74; DeAndre Square 69; K. D. McDaniel 58; Brandin Echols 54; Boogie Watson 36 with 6.5 sacks.
    Then there’s a fully recovered Josh Paschal, Jamin Davis, and Jordan Wright. Additions to the defense is speedster Davonte Robinson and newcomer potential star Kelvin Joseph and LSU transfer.
    We will revisit these player later in the video-cast.

    Cat Fans are anxiously waiting for the Cats to break that glass-ceiling to a top contender.
    As I conveyed to the BBN some seasons back that UK would not start to get the recognition they are seeking until the starting defeating U of L and Tennessee.

    One of those facts have developed with UK winning three of the last four games against U of L. But they are still struggling with the Volunteers, with UK having been the better team.

    There are some of the BBN that are chagrined over the Cats might have missed their window.

    Tennessee over the years have always been able to out recruit the Wildcats and with the combination of Jeremy Pruitt and athletic director Phil Fulmer they won’t stay down long.

    Now let’s put it where the goats can get it. Tennessee’s legacy was built on the strength of their schedule.
    Phil Fulmer took over the Tennessee program in 1992. In every year UK for fifteen straight years was the last game on his schedule. Throughout the years from 1992 to 2009 UK and Vandy finished out their schedule. There was a two year break in those starting in 2001 and 2004 made for TV when the major networks got involved that routine was broken.

    We are all aware that the Cats and the Commodores were bottom feeders in the SEC.

    Throughout those years Memphis, Southern Miss, UAB, Mississippi State, Chattanooga and Arkansas were sprinkled in over their last four games of the season.

    Why am I pointing this up? Glad you asked. Just imagine Tennessee with the resources they had available to them going out on the recruiting trail recruiting trail off of four straight wins every year.
    For those of you that would like to research it, there’s more that can be added to that.

    Is this a sour grapes argument? No, the facts speak for themselves. UK’s suffered overtime losses on 2007 and ‘09.

    This is truly a deplorable phenomenon when Kentucky throw’s in a clunker at Neyland Stadium when they were clearly the better team in the 10-3 season.

    As a final note, UK’s inside linebacker Jared Casey, a Louisville product, is nominated to the freshman All-American list.
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