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  • Kentucky Out Kicks Their Media Coverage


    It was a virtual impossibility find to anyone in the media that predicted Kentucky have a winning record for the season. As few as they were the best we could find was a 6-6 break even this season. Phil Steele the guru in pre-season publications and prognosticator extrodinaire said that Kentucky would not make a bowl game.

    What would you say to all the media outside Kentucky that picked you all to have to have a losing season? Stoops said - "Par for the course, right. I mean, really, I think we have out-kicked what they have predicted every year the last four or five years. We are really not worried about that, you know. We really don't need that for motivation. We're pretty motivated in what we do and how we go about it. You know, a lot of teams can ifs and buts. Everybody does, right. That's the game and I promise you, we've had our fair share and fought our way out of it. You know, if you could go back and put that prediction, I like nine or ten."

    The man of the day was a stellar performance of wide receiver turned quarterback Lynn Bowden. On twenty two carry 288-yards by Bowden is the best in SEC history for a quarterback. Aside from his tremendous physicality and smarts, his competitive nature is unmatched. He is what Stoops called an " He is what Mark Stoops called 'Alpha-Dog meaniing he puts the team on his back.

    Bowden delivered a heart felt, emotional speech to his teammate's thanking them for all they have done for him and for their brotherhood type closeness. Was this a farewell speech? Stoops says, probably. Big Dog Vince Marrow say he knows but will not encourage him either way. The coach was ask if this offensive line performance was the best they've had all season? "I don't know. That's a hard question. I mean, It's pretty hard to argue with these results." It''s a yeoman's accomplishment with everyone knowing they are very one-dimensional and naturally it helps to have Bowden back there taking the snaps. The Wildcats rushed for over 400-yard exploits was the third straight game.

    An in jest question was posed to Stoops of if he has put in a request for a Bowl game where there's 100 percent chance of rain? "Yeah, I think so. Seattle.? (Laughter)," Stoops said.

    It was smoke on the water when Kavosiey Smoke ripped off a seventy yard run being there was plenty of ("Deep Purple") water on the field. Before Smoke's smoke had cleared UK scored and another celebratory puff of smoke went up in the air.

    Stoops was ask about how his defense has grown? "You know they have done a remarakble job. Coach (Brad) White, Start with him as the defensive coordinator has really done a good job in his first year as defensive coordinator."
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