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  • Report Card KY over MSM

    Ashton Hagans A- Great game by Hagans. 16 pts on 5 of 8 shooting. Started the game with 3 quick assists and ended with 8 and just 2 turnovers. Played under control and got Nick and others involved. Supurb

    Keion Brooks C+ I love the rebound potential I see in him. Only 2 points and 3 rebounds but looked more comfortable.

    EJ Montgomery C+ The trey was big, hopes he builds on it. 7 pts, and only missed one shot. Still not active enough and was hampered by fouls but it was a nice comeback game.

    Immanuel Quickley A- 3 of 4 from long range. Finally, a shooter!! Also 6 of 9 and a couple boards. Honestly, I did not think his game was that strong until I looked at the stats and adjusted his grade up. Really solid game.

    Nick Richards A One of his better games. Mentally involved. Leading scorer with 19 to go with 3 blocks. Wish he had more rebounds. Not going to nick him defensively for getting torched by a 5'6" guard because he should not be covering a waterbug

    Nate Sestina C+ only 5 points and 4 rebounds, we need more from him. However 4 assists is something I will take every night. Plus his physical presence is big.

    Tyrese Maxey C+ 11 points but 3 turnovers and 4 assists. Solid drives to the hoop helped. Got a bit carried away on the treys but is a freshman so expected

    Kahlil Whitney C One min he flashes potential then 10 min of blah. 7 pts but only 1 rebound. Needs to be getting dirty and using his raw athleticism. Not there yet

    Johnny Juzang C- Still waiting, but pulling for you Johnny. 0 of 4 aint gonna cut it. Did get 3 rebounds though.

    Coaching D Might seem low but I am ticked. Comes off at half griping about the pick and roll defense. Any team scouting us knows we switch 100% of the time and should love to see our 7 foot center on their PG. That mismatch does not fall on the player. It falls on the staff. It is a mainstay, seen for years, be it Dakari, Humphries, Cousins, etc. It has cost us games in the past and will in the future.

    Officials C The really really bad crew is in NY screwing Georgetown

    Commentators B+ Only mentioned the opposing coach 3 times. Compared to last game, it was a godsend

    Other A+ Free throw shooting by starters. Missed ONE combined. 4 of the 5 shot 100%. Bench missed one as well. Incredible
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    1. BigBluePappy's Avatar
      BigBluePappy -
      Quote Originally Posted by dtalbersjr View Post
      The officials were horrific. That little point guard blatantly hooked on drives at least 5 times and it was never called.
      Chicken wing O'Reilly?
      Man, I am with you on that one.

    1. Catfan73's Avatar
      Catfan73 -
      Agree about the coaching. It got almost comical watching Richards try to guard Chong Qui.

      I’d give E.J. a significantly higher grade grade than C+, maybe even an A-. I thought he played about as well as Nick except for the fouls.

      Maxey got credited with 5 assists vs. 3 turnovers, pushing him to an A- in my book, same as with Whitney with his 2 steals.

      Juzang is starting to look like maybe he can’t handle the stage at UK. Hope he gets it going soon.

      Free throw shooting: sssssssh. The first rule of making free throws is you don’t talk about making free throws.
    1. Philly Cat's Avatar
      Philly Cat -
      Hot take -- Maxey can't play college defense yet. It's striking, because he was touted as the best defending guard in his class, but that guy dies on every single screen. He's really going to have to improve on that end.
    1. KeithKSR's Avatar
      KeithKSR -
      Pick and roll defense is a lot more than switching. It is the ball defender’s job to either fight over the screen or call for the switch. Our guard defenders have to do a better job fighting over screens.
    1. bigsky's Avatar
      bigsky -
      Quote Originally Posted by Philly Cat View Post
      Hot take -- Maxey can't play college defense yet. It's striking, because he was touted as the best defending guard in his class, but that guy dies on every single screen. He's really going to have to improve on that end.
      Good take. What you see is what we get. As coach says. We have no players that are hard to guard. We have shooters but not makers. (I did point out early that this is a team of bricklayers.) We arenít excellent out front playin defense on the ball; we get beat on the drive all the blankin time. Two or three of the newcomers have yet to show they deserve their minutes. Quickley deserves more respect than he is getting. Nick Richards is the one player doing better than expected. None of that amounts to more than a low mediocre minus grade for Coach or players.
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