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  • Will There Remain a Mystery for the Georgia Game?


    All the week preceding the Arkansas game there was mystique, or some would say a mystery who would line up at the quarterback position at the beginning of the game.
    This writer totally missed the prediction as to who it would be. That was one of the best kept secrets around the football camp. A Broadway performance in the coyness that was exhibited.

    Lynn Bowden made the fans worth the wait. They entertained the BBN tune of a homecoming win. And it being a huge home going for Jared Lorenzen.
    There were some other unknowns that surfaced in that game. To those that are neophytes to the intricacies of the game of football the Wildcats show the fans another way to win a football game. Eddie Gran concocted a seventies method when he pulled a style that was conducive the Bowden’s skill set and pressure on a team that hadn’t been exposed to that. It was no doubt something not set on a regular basis in the 2000’s style of football.

    That’s proof that execution in any is style of offense is the order of the day.
    UK’s tight Justin Rigg and Keaton Upshaw show there’s value to the style the Cats showed on Saturday night.
    “I was proud of the was we pushed through thing some adversity,” Mark Stoops said. Stoops said they are constantly working to get better.
    Lynn Bowden Jr. was named the co-offensive player of the week in the SEC. He was also named one of four Paul Hornung’s honor roll for most versatile player of the week in his first start at the quarterback position.

    Stoops said it was somewhat of a surprise at the control and composure Bowden had throughout that game. He said he was pleased at the great game plan put together Eddie gran put together.
    He said it showed a lot about his football team when they got behind. Against Georgia or anyone else they had to stay ahead of the chains. Stoops said they have some playmakers at the wide receiver position, and they want to get them the ball.

    After they early 74-yard run by Rakeem Boyd the Arkansas offense amassed 231-yards for the rest of the game which speaks to the defensive efficiency for the entire game.
    The perimeter game was very efficient with Bowden. They put a lot of pressure on the outside with some success the cam back and got huge chucks with the inside zone plays.
    Knowing the history of the UK fan base it could be calls for more passing and will the style of offense work consistently. Stoops said they plan to throw it more and toward more balance.
    My contention is that basic football hasn’t change since the invention of the game. The only thing that changes is styles and approaches. It style comes down to blocking, tackling and execution.
    On the defensive side of the ball some new faces emerge. A new face was added to the defensive line rotation – Tra Mahone and Stoops said he will contingent to work his way in their more. Boogie Watson played his most consistent game this year against the Razorbacks.

    A big piece of winning was creating an identity. And contingent with that is leadership and production. All of this is a part of the culture Stoops has been creating.

    Stoops was asked to elaborate on the locker room celebration and who spearheaded it? “Those are always impromptu,” he said. “Our team needed that and to have some fun. They’ve been working hard. That’s internal for us. All this dang social media that get’s out. It’s good to have some fun in there and for me to make a fool of myself. They get me to do that stuff. Marquan’s (McCall) the ringleader. For a big man he can really break it down (dance). It nice to have the fun but you open yourself up to a lot of criticism. That’s for sure.”
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