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  • Seeing is Believing – Wide Receivers Will Make an Impact


    We as media we could to go to a live practice session today. This writer didn’t expect to learn a substantial amount of information that I hadn’t already gleaned through post practice, media day, fan day, other University offers in recruiting, and thorough various forms of study.

    But seeing is believing. When veteran, trained eyes are cast upon the situation. Most often that information jibes with what the coaches report after every practice and every scrimmage.

    From 2018 aside from Lynn Bowden reception coming from other wide receiver (20-receptions) very skimpy. So, it’s very, obvious Bowden needs some help. Given his expected effectiveness he’s going to draw a lot of attention.

    The Wildcats have not lacked for strong possibility they are going to receive that support in the passing game. Quarterback coach Darin Hinshaw said that now we can give the receivers an opportunity to go and make that play.

    UK has several possibilities of play-makers in the 6-foot range and give the size of their heart can’t is – something you can’t measure. However, coaches say you can’t coach size and speed.
    Given that fact through fall camp they have added some of that size and physicality. Stoops said other than Bowden he feels good about his receivers. He said Josh Ali has been consistent. “Ahmad Wagner is coming along,” Stoops said. “He’s lot to handle and he can do a good job.”

    The thing about the receiving corps that no doubt the coaches are gushing over is the physicality some of them are showing. Wagner is big (237-pounds) and physical. On several occasions we’ve seen him wrestle the ball away from a defensive back.

    As what we saw last season as a freshman receiver Allen Dailey Jr. showed some smoothness catching the football, two catches for 38-yards and a touchdown. According to the coaches he has added muscle 6-foot-3, 208 pounds and become much more physical.

    Clevan Thomas is another physical wide receiver at 5-foot-11, 213-pounds and shows sneaky speed. He again, adds the ability to block down the field and strong hands to receive the football.
    Bryce Oliver continues to impress which is a carry over from the performance he had in the spring game. Again, strong hands, to go with his strongly built body, 6-foot-1, 208-pounds. For every long run by a running back a crucial block was made downfield by a receiver.

    All the aforementioned wide receivers they all bring ability to break tackles and to make key blocks. All of these receivers give the Cats some size and toughness need to excel in the SEC.