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  • Kentucky Student-Athletes at Kentucky Football Media Day

    #3, Terry Wilson, QB

    On summer workouts…

    “Everybody was out here. They split it up by times, so it was about nine guys in my group. We were getting the full effect of Coach Edmond, Coach Hill, and all of those guys. We were running every day, lifting, and after that we would throw and get seven-on-seven. So, we were working our tails off and making sure we were staying fit and getting ready.”

    On the mindset after losing key players from last season…

    “We don’t focus on that. We’re thinking about us. Those guys played a big role on this team last year and they’re onto bigger and better things and so we just have to worry about us and take care of what we need to take care of. That’s really how the attitude is around here. We’re just worried about us and getting better for the season.”

    On having weapons on offense…

    “We’re loaded. We have depth that we need and it’s going to be fun just to show everybody what we can do and how explosive we’re going to be. This fall camp is going to be fun and we’re just putting a huge role on just getting better on the field and just having fun.”

    #91 Calvin Taylor, DE

    On personal goals this season …

    “Doing whatever I can to help the team. Improving on whatever spots they need me, I play pretty much everything. Whatever they need me to do: nose, five, three. Like being real versatile and doing whatever coach needs.”

    On the team’s focus on third-down situations…

    “On third down, we just want to give our offense as many times to get the ball, third down is critical to get off the field”

    #5 Xavier Peters, OLB

    On what fans should expect if he gets on the field …

    “I’m going to bring the energy and stay loyal to my fan base and I’ll always bring it on the third down. I want BBN to pin on me when it comes to those hard plays, those third downs and third and two plays, I’m going to bring my all for them.”

    #4 Josh Paschal, OLB

    On being a patient person before starting…

    “Yeah I am. Not with Football though because I want to be great so it’s something I need to work on, being patient, but at the same time I want to work as hard as I can.”

    On the process throughout his surgeries…

    “Of course, there has been trials, but I had my faith and my faith has grown tremendously during this time. My teammates gave me support. Coaches are always supporting me. My family of course and my friends from back home. All the support I’m getting has really helped me through everything.”

    On the lowest point throughout his injury…

    “My lowest point would probably be this day (Media Day) last year when everybody started camp and I was at home in my bed and I was wishing I was out there with my brothers. I went through the whole offseason and worked as hard as I can and me realizing I wouldn’t be out there with my brothers really hurt. My mom and my family and of course my teammates sent me a video telling me they will be there for me and that really lifted me up.”
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    1. Catfan73's Avatar
      Catfan73 -
      Me too Darrell, he deserves it. He might not be Josh Allen but he might be close and with him and Boogie Watson we’ll still be terrorizing opposing quarterbacks
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