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  • The Myth, the Miracle, the Knowledge equal the Marketability of Kentucky Football


    If there is one football program in the SEC that presents a caution light to those stuck in the past, itís Kentucky. Seemingly every 18-months my two mythical characters are kicking and screaming to get out of the closet. So, if thereís any time to let them out itís now. They will now have their workplace water cooler discussions on the fortunes of UK footballís 2019 season.
    These characters are Opto that represents the optimist and Yeahbut who represents the usual pessimist. Opto is brimming with visions of the upward bound movement of the UK program Yeahbut represents the ďsame old Kentucky football and is saying show me.Ē So, letís converse about UK football.

    Opto: There are 71-days to the opening game and UK launches another successful season much like the 2018 season.

    Opto: Letís pump the brakes because we have seen seasons that go against the grain normality as it relates to UK football.

    Opto: Iíve got to give you some creditability because you have history on your side but those teams never had a Mark Stoops at the helm.

    Yeahbut: What makes you think Mark Stoops is different from all the rest?

    Opto: Stoops has the strong linage of family football and he has now accomplished the most difficult feat for a first-time head coach and that's putting together a strong knowledgeable staff. Previous staffs have been unreliable in the information they disseminate to us the media and the public. One of my plights has been to psycho-analyze the coaches to discern the accuracy of the information we are receiving. This staff put their helium tanks into storage meaning what they say they can be believed.

    Opto: For decades past coaching staffs have tried unsuccessfully to get into the state of Ohio. Given the Ohio connection by way of native Ohioanís they have developed a pipeline out of Ohio.

    Yeahbut: Who are those players and UK still is not getting the best out of Ohio.

    Opto: For UK, Ohio is a hotbed of talent that now UK is fishing in deep water.

    Yeahbut: UK plays in the SEC and not the Big Ten and most of the best Midwestern players play in the Big Ten.

    Opto: A lot of that talent understands the SEC is the best conference in the country and a lot of them want to play in the SEC. So that makes Kentucky an attractive place to play and still be close to home. The Cats defeated the Penn State Nittany Lions in the Florida Citrus Bow

    Yeahbut: Itís still Kentucky and heavily recognized as a basketball school.

    Opto: Thatís just the thing UK and Stoops is fast changing the culture of the football program and Kentucky is a neighbor of Ohio making it easier for players to play in the SEC and the family travel convenient to attend games.

    Yeahbut: Have you looked at all the pre-season football books and where they have the Cats ranked in the SEC East?

    Opto: I no longer peruse the magazines for information primarily because without looking at them I know what they are going to say and on many occasions in the past they have been wrong. Phil Steele is the only one I spend my money on and thatís only because his is chocked full off information.

    Yeahbut: You know Opto on that assessment you may have a point.

    Opto: Are you aware at a quick glance that even in the face of five straight victories over South Carolina the Wildcat are again picked behind the Gamecocks. .fufurah and balderdsash.

    Yeahbut: There is such a thing as law of averages and the Cats are Columbia for the contest.

    Opto: If law of averages carried much weight thirty-one straight losses to the Florida Gators would have occurred. Just maybe The Cats are a better program at this point. In 2006 McClatchy News service became the owner of the Lexington Herald-Leader. The Wildcats were preparing to take on the Clemson Tigers in the Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl. A McClatchy spokes person said that if UK defeats Clemson the Tigers ought to shut down their program. UK 28; Clemson 20.

    Yeahbut: What do the Wildcats do to compliment all-star Lynn Bowden?

    Opto: UK has 68 percent of their receiver production returning to the team and the receiver corps will look markedly different when they take the field. Weapons will be plentiful.

    This could go on continuously, but I think their feud has been exhausted so back in the closet they go.
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