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  • Cats Lair Featuring 2019 Early Depth Chart


    We promised our early depth chart for the 2019 football season. Here it is and these are largely what I gleaned in the spring game and spring practice interviews.

    Offensive Line – Center: 1) Drake Jackson; 2) Quinton Wilson -- Left guard: 1) Logan Stenberg 2) Luke Fortner; ---- Right guard: 1) Naasir Watkins 2) Mason Wolfe; -- 1) Left Tackle Landon Young -- 2) Eli Cox; Right Tackle 1) Darian Kinnard; 2) Austin Dotson.

    Tight End – 1) Justin Rigg/Keaton Upshaw.

    Receivers – 1) Slot Receiver Lynn Bowden 2A) Akeem Hayes – Wide Receiver 1) Josh Ali; 1A) Bryce Oliver; 2) Isaiah Epps, 2A Ahmad Wagner.

    Running Back – 1) A. J. Rose; 2) Kavosiey Smoke; 3) Chris Rodriquez.

    Of this two deep depth chart before the football is kicked off for the season opener there could be a lot of juggling of others on the present roster and newcomers. One jumps out at me is speed burner Georgia running back Travis Tisdale.

    Defense from inside out – 1) Nose Tackle: Quinton Bohanna; 2) Abule Abadi-Fitzgerald/2A Marquan McCall --- Defensive End 1) T. J. Carter 1A) Phil Hoskins; Defensive End 1) Calvin Taylor Jr.; 2) Josh Paschal; 2A) Kordell Looney.

    Middle Linebacker 1) Kash Daniel; 2) Jamin Davis – Will Linebacker 1) Chris Oats; 1A) Deandre Square – Sam Linebacker 1) Jamar “Boogie” Watson 1A) Jordan Wright, 3) True Freshman Jared Casey was very impressive in the spring and the spring game.

    Safety’s – 1) Davonte Robinson, 1A) Jordan Griffin; 2) Tyrell Ajian; 2A) Yusuf Corker; 3) Moses Douglass showed he is a striker.

    Cornerbacks – 1) Quandre Mosely, 1A) Brandin Echols; 2) Cedrick Dort Jr.; 2A) Jamari Brown.

    Kickers – 1) Chance Poore; 2) Matt Ruffolo.

    Punter – Max Duffy --- Returner; Lynn Bowden

    The secondary will have two non-conference games to get their footing behind a strong front-seven and the offense is putting points on the board going from 26.2 points and adding no less than 7 points to their average.

    An insider in the football program that’s been associated with some strong football programs who will go nameless imparted some recruiting wisdom to yours truly.

    Prior to the draft, he said UK is going to catch some people’s eye when two first rounder walk across the stage on draft night. Well that didn’t but Lonnie Johnson went in the second round as well as one in every round over the first four rounds.

    He said when the June camps begin recruiting will start popping. Intimating that UK with only 17 scholarships they will have to be very selective.

    Speaking of selectivity, the Wildcats are in hot pursuit of a lineman Justin Rogers from Oak Park Michigan. The Kentucky program made a very strong impression on the youngster. Following his official visit to the Bluegrass Rogers a 5-star recruit UK is now heading a list of who’s who. He is set to make his announcement on May 20th. 247sport.com said UK is the favorite and breaking down the percentages of UK landing him the Cats 33 percent are leading over Tennessee.

    Rivals said 44 percent of the picks have UK in the lead. If the Cats win out it will be the highest pick since 1996 when Tim Couch came to Kentucky.

    Now for a little refresher course in football vernacular.

    The glossary says - Burp the Baby: When quarterback taps his hand on the football and throws late, allowing a defensive back to jump the route.

    Heavy-Legged Waist Bender: An offensive or defensive lineman who lack flexibility to dip his hips and bend at the knees, causing him to look heavy-legged ala Matt Elam.

    Downhill Thumper – LB: a physical linebacker who attacks and plays on the other side of the line of scrimmage.

    Get Through Trash: When a defender is able to successfully navigate through a mass of blockers and teammates and make a tackle.

    Run the Arc: When an edge rusher uses speed to run outside an offensive tackle and then flattens his path to pursue the quarterback.

    Space Player: An offensive skill position player who typically excels in open areas due to athletic ability and speed.

    Oily Hips: An ability of a linebacker or defensive back to change direction quickly and efficiently.

    YES we are talking football a lot because when after the season has there been anything exciting to talk about? Now high level recruiting is taking place and especially the latest recruit four-star Lexington Catholic quarterback Beau Allen.
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