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  • The Who’s Who of the Spring Game?

    Overall Mark Stoops had a two-headed synopsis of the game. Firstly during and immediately after the game Stoops expressed his displeasure over the focus, attention to detail, and intensity of the defense.

    I recently reported the trust worthiness of what the coach’s deliver to us, the media. In years past before Stoops arrived on the scene some coach’s brought their helium-tank to the after practice and or the seasonal Monday presser…….There’s no guessing the feels of said practice or game coming from Stoops because he wears his feelings on his sleeve. He said to the on the field TV person, “we will have a good football team,” I feel we can trust that statement.

    Defensive coordinator Brad White was chagrined over much the same thing Stoops was. Stoops had said that everything was going to geared to offense because they were going to be pretty vanilla in the game. White said – “We talked about no matter the offense we still have to execute our defense always being ready. When big plays happen it’s because we didn’t execute, poor tackling, and fundamentals.”
    Let’s focus on the performance key persons in trouble and or suspect spots on the football team. Who’s going to step into the spot vacated by Josh Allen? Last year at the opening press conference Stoops was high on sophomore outside (potential Jack) linebacker 6-foot-5, 242 –pound Jordan Wright. However tendonitis in his right knee prevented him from progressing well. “There was progress,” White said. “But still not where I want him to be. I don’t know who is going to be that guy. There is plenty of finding out is going to be that guy. He Wright made more plays today and for the first time he cut it lose. I could see it in his eyes and smiling that he was ready to play. When he gets to the point of us not having to tell him every day we’ll have an efficient football player.”

    Terry Wilson on Bryce Oliver – “He’s a really good receiver. Bryce is a young guy but I feel like once he learns the offense, masters the offense he’s going to take off. Has to be more consistent.” Oliver has been the talk of the camp and in the spring game turned out to be the talk of the game. He made what Stoops and Michael Smith have been talking about – the contested catch and eight total catches for 105 yards and one touchdown. “He has been making big plays and what I sense about him is he really, really cares about the game,” Wilson enthusiastically said. Wilson gave props to Isaiah Epps his Oklahoma home boy. “He’s fast and he’s going to get open.”

    Lynn Bowden through a text message from the male and through the set up by UK media relations Bowden was the conduit for a proposal on the football field. He was handed a football to perhaps autograph but instead he wrote on it “will you marry me” and handed it back to the boyfriend. He then handed to his girlfriend. She accepted then became his fiancée. Quite a scene. All is left is for Bowden to become a magistrate and perform marriage ceremonies.

    With the performance of the receivers in addition to Oliver and Epps there’s Josh Ali, Ahmad Wagner, Akeem Hayes, and a stocked boat of tight ends, the receiving coups should be quality. There was only one pass dropped all day Saturday.
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    Re: That time of year again...Survival game is here

    I reckon I'll pick Georgia in week one...

    Yeager49 08-13-2019, 09:21 AM Go to last post

    Survival game--play here

    Catfan 73 GA
    Doc GA
    Yeager GA

    Doc 08-12-2019, 07:38 AM Go to last post

    Re: That time of year again...Survival game is here

    Awesome! It sucks to have to use Georgia so early but I would trade the loss in exchange for seeing Vandy beat them.

    Week one: Georgia

    Catfan73 08-12-2019, 04:23 AM Go to last post