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  • Recruiting targets for 2020 /2021

    Jalen Johnson
    Cade Cunningham
    N’Faly Dante
    Brandon Boston
    Isaiah Todd
    Jeremy Roach
    Sharife Cooper
    Jaemyn Brakefield
    Scottie Barnes
    R.J. Hampton
    Jalen Green
    Makur Maker
    Justin Powell

    add Cliff Omoruyi
    Zion Harmon
    Cam'ron Fletcher

    Rosters not.out.yet. The disadvantage of first weekend
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    1. Doc's Avatar
      Doc -
      eybl rosters posted. here is link.


      browse and post any player you want me to watch and I will do my best (player and team)
    1. Doc's Avatar
      Doc -
      Barnes and Todd- Nightryders elite
      Jalen Johnson-Phenom
      Hampton-Drive Nation
      Williams and Green-Oakland Soldiers
      Harmon and Thor - Boo Williams
      Boston and Cooper- Running Rebels
      Dante- Mokan
      Dickenson and Roach- team takeover
      Odom- GA Stars
      Fletcher- Beal
      Alexander - Lightening
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