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  • Shocking...The More Returning Production....The Better Calís Teams Are

    I totaled the Returning points and rebounds for each of Calís teams:

    1. 2010 returned 69.8 and went 35-3 Elite 8

    2. 2015 returned 69.4 and went 38-1 Final 4

    3. 2012 returned 59.8 and went 38-2 NCAA Title

    4. 2020 most likely returns 55. ***I included 80% of Sestinaís stats as ďReturning productionĒ

    5. 2019 returned 48.8 and went 30-7 Elite 8

    6. 2014 returned 37.9 and went 29-11 NCAA Runners-up

    7. 2017 returned 32.8 and went 32-6 Elite 8

    8. 2016 returned 22.3 and went 27-9 Round of 32

    9. 2011 returned 17.9 and went 29-9 Final 4 *Calís best coaching job?*

    10. 2018 returned 13 and went 26-11 Sweet 16

    11. 2013 returned 7.8 and went 21-12 NIT 1st round loss

    Obviously, recruiting classes matter a great deal. Calís 3 best classes (arguably) were 2009, 2011, and 2014. Those were added to his teams with the most production returning and resulted in 3 of UKís best teams ever.

    Conversely, the 2017 class of SGA, Washington, Richards, Diallo, etc was among his least impactful. Add that to Calís 10th most Returning production and it equaled the so-so 2018 season.

    One last thing; 2011 was just an amazing job by Cal. 17.9 points/rebounding returning and then having Kanter ruled ineligible could have been disastrous. To beat the tournament favorite (Ohio State) and then UNC to reach the Final 4 was just unreal.

    As things stand now, we are getting back 35.7 points per game and 19.3 rebounds (counting 80% of Sestinaís numbers) We are adding 3 top 13 recruits. if Cal can add 1/2 more players we are a title contender.

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    1. Darrell KSR's Avatar
      Darrell KSR -
      @ChrisFisher247: With Keldon Johnson's decision to stay in the draft, Kentucky is now losing:

      Ė 70.5% of its points
      Ė 62.3% of its rebounds
      Ė 52.5% of its assists
      Ė 54.1% of its steals
      Ė 47.7% of its blocks
      Ė 72.6% of its made 3s
      Ė 68.5% of its made FTs

      Just another year for John Calipari.
    1. Darryl's Avatar
      Darryl -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bakert View Post
      Here's the only thing we know for certain - we will know sometime in early November. Que sera, sera.

      Absolutely. Every year we overestimate how good the new guys will be while pushing the returning players to the shadows, while at the same time wondering why players don't seem to want to stay at UK.
      List the players we over-estimated (every year) how good they would be

    1. bigsky's Avatar
      bigsky -
      Really? I look at almost all the guys who leave and don't see them excel elsewhere. Well, the little pg at Georgia state, but not Mathews or Lee for example. You could say the big white shooter to Gonzaga is the exception but I donít think he got as good as with Cal but he had a lot more fun and playing time
    1. UKHistory's Avatar
      UKHistory -
      Charles Matthews had a good college career. Not dominant but to the Final Four.

      Wiltjer to the elite 8. I just hate hose guys and Lee didn’t stay.

      Wiltjer is the difference in two more titles for UK. His shooting the difference in 14 an 15.
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