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  • Mark Stoops Striving for Perfection for His Wildcats

    This is show and tell time for the Wide receiver and the other crucial position that no doubt is being focused on and that's the secondary.

    Seemingly last season's success has created an appetite for more of the same. How do we know that phenomenon exist? Our six year study of him shows him to be more measured in his accolades for a particular player. But through the other coaches, players and other trained eyes, we know there are a lot of good things are taking place on the field. Speaking of fields Stoops said he may have to re-think his time for practice. Daylight, weather conditions, and being able to get off of the turf has to him become an issue. He said he got two players hurt on the turf Tuesday morning. Kavosiey Smoke and Lynn Bowden got dinged by the turf.

    * Grading the Players thus far: Terry Wilson - B+ approaching an A; Gunnar Hoak likewise; A J Rose - A for his versatility and can't take a day off; Tight ends and in particular Keaton Upshaw who has the ability to stretch the field; Lynn Bowden - A - Greatness in the making because of his academics and everything on and off the field; Josh Ali - B+ - His smoothness in his route running and ability to stretch the field; Likewise Ahmad Wagner when healthy (nursing a mild hamstring presently); Clevan Thomas and Bryce Oliver - B - Only because of their youth but they are two guys that fits the mode of what Gran has in mind for explosive plays;

    Phil Hoskins - A *Stoops said he really like what he is seeing from him; Quinton Bohanna - A *He is virtually unstoppable and is giving Drake Jackson all he can handle and making him better; Jackson B+ - He said Bohanna is one of the five best defensive lineman in the SEC; Chris Oats B+ - Approaching an A who Stoops said is going to be a real good player; Brandin Echols B - Terry Wilson said gives him more difficulty than anyone.

    "Brandin Echols has been flying around everywhere making big plays," Wilson said. "He is really fast - he is like a ball-hawk - He's always where the ball is - you can tell he knows how to play his position."
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