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  • Isaac Humphries signed by the Atlanta Hawks for remainder of the year

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    1. Bakert's Avatar
      Bakert -
      Isaac score his first NBA points last night. He played 18 minutes, had 4 points, 5 rbds, and was +1 in the all-important and all-encompassing +/- "stat."

      Congrats to Isaac!!! He will *not* be Moonlight Graham!

      See for yourself here: https://twitter.com/HawksOnFSSE/stat...46350601216000
    1. Darrell KSR's Avatar
      Darrell KSR -
      lol. Thanks, Bakert. Glad he got some stats. Not great, but not horrible, either. Worthy.
    1. CitizenBBN's Avatar
      CitizenBBN -
      Quote Originally Posted by DanISSELisdaman View Post
      Hey, if you can hold Curry or Booker to 50 to70 points, you're not bad!
      Should have clarified. Per quarter.

      By the 4th though I'd hold them to 20-30 b/c their arms and legs would be so tired from dunking that much in a row.
    1. dan_bgblue's Avatar
      dan_bgblue -
      He was rookie of the year in the Aussie pro league in 17