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  • Report Card UK vs Alabama

    Typically I look to see "who played well...and who played not so well". Today both lists are short

    Ashton A: only good grade you will see for the day. Each and every game he improves. Is starting to score by driving to the basket. Prior, that wasn't happening and with him doing that it will open the bigs for assists or open the perimeter for kick outs. Of course his defense is stellar.

    Tyler Herro C- When you go 4-12 its tough to give you much better than a D, even with a curve. Sometimes you can make up with it by playing outstanding defense and shuting down your opponent. That didn't happen either. Still, I gave extra credit for effort.

    Keldon Johnson C+ Where "C" is average, he was slightly better than average. One of two starters to shoot 50%, along with Ashton, and managed 7 rebounds to lead the team (along with PJ). Considered a "B", and likely would have had we won.

    PJ Washington C 4 of 10... and can we stop with the treys when they actually mean something? We get it... to play in the NBA you have to develop a 3 pt shot but lets not do it at the expense of wins.

    Reid Travis C+ and dropping. Was a strong A- in the first half, then he disappeared. Need 30 min a night, not 10. This ain't Stanford.

    Immanuel Quckley B Only player to shoot >50%, including hitting half of his treys (2 of 4). He needs to shoot more. He is probably the best shooter on the team yet he isn't getting the number of attempts he needs.

    EJ Montgomery C+ Some positives tonight but I'd love to see him motor up and down the floor ala Cauley Stein. IMO that is what he needs to do to get into his flow. Of course he has to accept that role and play with that intensity. Did not tonight but he was more active.

    Nick Richards B- His grade might be higher than some more productive players but given the amount of floor time and doing what he was asked to do, he out played PJ, Travis, and EJ.

    Jermil Baker C- still waiting.........

    Coaching C- We lost to a less talented team. That unto itself limits the grade to C. How many times does a player have to have a "career game" before we try something different? At some point it is no longer just players playing outstanding because its vs UK. At some point it js about preparing and adjustments...or lack there of. Enough with the let players figure it out. Its the staff job to figure it out. That is what YOU are paid to do.

    Officials C- Most missed calls were in our favor so not so much bitching as normal. However a C- is far better then the typical F they get so good job. Aside from the missed tip off of Tylers hand and the flopping, it wasn't too bad. Few phantom calls which is my standard. I can live with missed call but not created ones.
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