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  • UK report card

    Little late posting but was celebrating a big win yesterday....

    Tyler Herro (A). last shot of the first half, much ado about nothing. He makes it and its a dagger. Typical case of people needing something to gripe about. 24 pts on 10-13 shooting (4-6 from long range), 5 rebounds. Stellar game, best of the season. Looked like a Bahama game. He played without thinking which is why I'm not all that bothered by his last shot of the first half. He was playing on instinct.

    Keldon Johnson (B). Was off yesterday as only sank 1 of 5 from long range. But he did rebound well, and showed typical hustle.

    Ashton Hagans (A). Best game of the year for him as well. Actually did some scoring, which is a must otherwise its 4 on 5 when we are on the offense as teams will lag off. That won't allow him to dish so him taking it to the rim and putting it in the basket is important. Lots has been made of why UK is improving. THIS is why. Ashton was not ready in October or November. Giving him the ball out of the gate in Nov was dumb. He has developed from a HS junior level PG into a college level PG. Like Herro, he is starting to play on his instincts. He is unique in that he feeds off defense so let him do it. Some PG's feed off assists and making great passes, others its driving and scoring. Ashton its steals, back taps, etc.... He is one of the few you can do without scoring but having him able to score helps.

    PJ (B+) Played big defensively, provided inside strength. Had some great blocks, rebounded well. Only took 3 shots and we need more than that from him. Of course much of that was deferring to the hot hand of Herro.

    Reid (B) I thought this would be another coming out party for Travis. It was sort of a workman game for him. Nothing outstanding but nothing disappointing either. The bookends of PJ and Reid compensate for not having a 7 foot center in there. It is interesting because RT is 6-9 but plays like he is 6-7 at times. PJ is 6-7 but plays like he is 6-9. Both are just so damn big and strong. That wears you out.

    Baker (C) He is suppose to be the knock down shooter. 1-4? No big deal though as he is still getting in game shape. He has the tools.

    IQ (C) Not any better than Jermil. He was 0-2 from long range. Has regressed lately. Needs get his head back in the game

    EJ (C+) Generous grade, I admit but considering his last couple games, there is a glimmer there.

    Nick (C+) cut and paste EJ

    Bench overall: (D) yes, the cumulative grade is lower than the parts. Typically you need one or two to step up and bring the whole thing up. That didn't happen. The bench giving you SEVEN points a game won't cut it. You need at least twice that

    Coaching (A) Team is moving in the right direction. Wish it was moving quicker but "its a process" LOL

    Officials (C) Figured I'd add this one in on a regular basis. During a game they look horrible. It is always that way. Heck, vs Carolina I thought they muffed several calls but when I watched it on replay not so. Vs UL they botched some. Officials always do but they botched fewer than the fans think. For me, I don't mind missed calls. I despise calls when none occurs. I hate fouls on one end that are not on the other. I don't understand "showboating" refs who want to dance when they make a call, video replay everything, get face time, etc... I've seen far worse than what we got yesterday.

    Commentators (B) Yep, the consensus is Bilas and Dakich are not anybody's favorites. I get it. Bilas off the court's hatred for the NCAA is well placed however its over the top to the point he defended the psuedoniversity of N. Carolina for a indefensible action gets under the craw of many. Likewise Dakich is an asshat on social media. And asshat is being nice. ####, ########, and ############ also came to mind. However both do know basketball and most importantly actually talk about it during the game!! Contrast to DV or Mumbles Walton who will talk about anything and everything except what is happening. Shuman is perfect. Non confrontational, middle of the road, easy to listen to... I actually enjoyed that crew. Again, I don't expect that to draw unanimous agreement.
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    1. Darrell KSR's Avatar
      Darrell KSR -
      Doc, nice job...put this on the Front Page for all to see as well.
    1. Padukacat's Avatar
      Padukacat -
      Not sure we should complain about cals philosophy of playing guys early even if they arenít ready, I think he saw the potential and he threw the freshmen such as hagans to the wolves so they would ďfail fastĒ and learn. Most arenít capable but cal saw something in hagans and herro and said screw it they are playing. Itís working despite some early pain.

      Iím guilty of this. Cal sees these guys every day and made the call on hagans and it was pretty gutsy to us.
    1. catmanjack's Avatar
      catmanjack -
      Next season the same will be said with IQ and Maxey.
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