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  • Matt House likes the Progress of the Defense


    The UK defense is looking to breath on some opponents quarterbacks this season. It been a while since the other team’s quarterbacks could tell whether the defensive lineman had onions on their hamburger. Matt house said the defensive line is showing steady progress in the area of the pass rush. “I feel like we are getting stouter in there,” House said. He was asked about his young linebackers and how they are coming along? House said – “Good! “I like Chris (Oats), Jamin (Davis), DeAndre (Square). I’m really impressed with that group. House said that Quinton (Bohanna) is a completely different player than from this time last year. He said he is starting to take leadership of that group. House said Jamar “Boggie” Watson’s natural progression to, is a positive for the linebacking corps.

    Jordan Wright

    Fall practice has been great for him because he’s healthy now. He missed some valuable time in the spring with a high ankle sprain. On media day Mark Stoops singled him out as a player that’s impressive to him. Perhaps because the Floridian that came to Kentucky at 6-foot-4, 212-pounds and now is 236-pounds which is impressive for an outside rusher. Matt House said length has it’s advantages. “Jordan is getting better,” the coach said. “I tell you this he is a long athletic body. Length allows you to separate off of blocks – length allows cover more ground in pass coverage – length allows you to get more separation when you rush the passer (offensive linemen can’t get into your body). We definitely love long arm players.”
    In response to fall practice in the heat and humidity Wright said – “it’s been hot but it doesn’t both me much because I’m from Florida so I’m not complaining.” His position coach Brad White this season came to UK this spring from the Indianapolis Colts and we asked him what’s different about him? “Well he helped me with my pass rush – how to rip and swim the blocker. He really stressed that a lot and he also helped me on my (pass) coverage. The concept of the plays, what to do and what not to do.


    • True freshman Chris Oats had another interception today which makes at least two this fall camp.
    • Dorian Baker is coming back into his own after a season layoff due to injury.
    • Freshman linebacker DeAndre Square continues to impress. Coaches say he is so coachable because he’s like a sponge is the way he soak everything up.
    • Defensive line coach Derrick LeBlanc said he has some freshman that’s coming along quicker than he thought.
    • Adrian Middleton’s experience is showing.
    • Quinton Bohanna is a smart football player. He understands football and understands blocking schemes.
    • Defensive lineman Calvin Taylor who in the spring LeBlanc call ‘Mister Reliable’ is really showing him something. He’s hard to block because he’s so long. Taylor is 6-foot-9, 305-pounds and the coach said he’s never coached anybody that tall.
    • Placekickers Miles Butler and Chance Poore both had good days today.
    • Freshman Marquan McCall 6-foot-3, 368-pounds is a future force soon as he gets in shape.
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