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  • Vince Marrow Catches Ahmad Wagner on the Rebound


    There once was a basketball coach at a small local university named Happy Osborne and that school’s basketball team at that level was one of the best in the country. He was all over the place with energy that played the rebound game to perfection. He said to the youngsters, now if you don’t like it there you can always come back here and play.

    Vince Marrow played the same game on Ahmad Wagner with a somewhat different game plan. Wagner was a high school football player only one year and at 6-foot-7 decided to go play basketball at Iowa University. It broke the heart of a whole lot of college football coach’s with that decision.

    Wagner said the transition has been good coming back to football and he said there’s no coercing him to, accept summer pickup games with his teammates, he is retired. “No there no time to work on my craft on the football field, Wagner said,” Wagner said explaining his putting down basketball where he explained the basketball skills of Lynn Bowden and Lonnie Johnson were really good. Wagner was the anchor-leg on the track team and may not be the anchor now because he’s a lot heavier but he said he would still be on the team.

    Wagner said just getting in the weight room, running, and catching the football is great. On Fan Day he made a circus catch that made the crowd go “oohs and aahs.” Basketball is somewhat of a contact sport and what is it like being out here and adjusting to that again. “Something I had to do is get in the weight room.” He realizing he had to get football strong. Wager said – “I realized that strength training for football and for basketball is a lot different. It’s a whole different type of conditioning and getting out here and getting hit by linebackers and defensive backs, it’s definitely a lot different.” He said he realizes this is the SEC the best football league in the country. “I can’t harp on it enough is the weight room,” he said with a lot of conviction. “I’ve gotten a lot stronger since I got here. When I combine that with my size and speed I feel like I can play in this league.”

    Marrow affectionately known as ‘Big Dog’ said they recruiting him hard coming out of high school. He played football his sophomore and his senior year in high school and if schools thought he was going to play football in college every school in the country would have been after him. “I went and watched the 2015 Ohio state championship game against St. Ignatius and there were ten Dl guys on that field he was the best player on the field,” Marrow said. There were Ohio State, Notre Dame, and the like commitments on the field. “And if he wasn’t the best he was the second best out there. If you go back and watch his film it is totally freakish. I just stayed in touch with his high school coach and they said he was getting an itch about coming back to football and I said, dude, if he’s got one year of eligibility we need him but he has two years of eligibility. He’s big – people don’t realize how fast he is. He’s 6-foot-6, 238-pounds and run a 4.4 forty. Once he learns this offense he can be a big time weapon.”

    Marrow cautioned fans not instantly expect to see a Jerry Rice because he has to learn the game of college football in the SEC. The coach said he made a similar type of transition thirty-years ago and it took him two weeks with the benefit of spring practice and Wagner didn’t have spring practice.