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  • A Peach Jam Report...As promised

    Hey everyone! Wanted to keep my word and give a little update on my trip to North Augusta. This year was a good year to attend simply because the vast majority of UKs recruits were playing Nike EYBL this year. I got to see several of our guys and will give just a small update on each. If I leave someone out, it may be because I did not see them or I forgot to post the info. Feel free to ask if you think I may have overlooked someone. BTW, I did not watch Lecque or Stewart because UK did not watch them.

    Vernon Carey Jr: Big, strong, athletic post player who does have some ball skills and is working on his jump shot. Big Vernon is sort of like a Julius Randle, Jahlil Okafor, Boogie combo. He has some traits that reminds you of these guys. He is a stone faced player. Shows little emotion. He is super talented and in the head to head match up with Wiseman Wednesday night, Vernon had the more impressive line. Wiseman had fouls and did not play the minutes that Vernon did. The biggest difference between Vernon and Wiseman is one is strength and the other is athleticism. Carey is a true post player who is trying to develop a floor game. I like this kid a lot and I can see why Cal wants him with or without Wiseman.

    James Wiseman: Long, strong and athletic. Makes spectacular plays look easy and has a NBA body already. I agree with many of the pundits who say he will be a better pro player than college player. His motor has been questioned, but I don't think that is a fair criticism. I watched Nick Richards 2 years ago and believe me, I know what a bad motor looks like. Wiseman is not that. Kid can shoot it with range as long as he has time to get set. I did not see many handles, but he has the moves around the hoop. He rebounds and blocks shots with the best. I sat right behind his family. The stories are true...His grandmother is the boss...And that is clear! Penny and Cal were at every game and if you did not know better, you would have no idea they are going head to head for this kid. I heard nothing while at the Jam about reclassification. There is a definite feel that this thing is 50-50 for Memphis and UK. I have no guess.

    Tyrese Maxey: Had a bum ankle so it is not fair to evaluate him other than to say he has all the skills and is a leader. He will be great at UK.

    Cole Anthony: I am guessing he is 6'3" Kid is a gamer. He can shoot with range. Sees the court great. Willing to get his teammates involved. He is a fantastic backcourt talent and when he wants to play, he can do whatever he wants on the floor. My only knock on him is that he yaps to the refs too much. PSA is not all that great this season so he was keyed on by the defense. I think he got frustrated. One point, I was impressed that his Dad was there and he never said a word. He allowed the coach to coach and he was just a Dad in the stands.

    Jaden MCDaniels: Long, very, very thin wing player. I had never seen this kid so I was anxious to get a look. He is a very skilled offensive guy. The comparison as far as game goes is Durant. He can shoot it with range. He can deck it. He is a talented scorer. What strikes you though is his frame. This kid makes Tayshaun look overweight. He is so thin. He will have very little impact in the paint and on the boards. But, if you are the kind of person who says, "if you can shoot, you can play" then McDaniels is your guy.

    Keon Brooks: I watched two games. In the first game he did nothing. In the second game he was hurt and did not play. I will reserve judgement.

    CJ Walker Jr: This kid knocked my socks off. I saw him the first game of the week. I told my son, "This kid is the best player out there. He may be the best player in this building tonight." This guy is a FREAK! He is about 6'6" and can jump to the moon. Long arms. Plays really hard. Can shoot it very well for his position. He was my FAVORITE player of the week. I was shocked that UK wasn't looking at him. But by the end of the week UK was looking at him. I would love to have him in blue!

    DJ Jefferies: Slasher, defender and decent scorer. Jefferies is kind of like a Gilchrist, but with a better jump shot. He is athletic. He makes the play when his team needs it. He is not a one and done guy, but he is a kid that will be like a Darius Miller as far as being a solid contributor.

    Scotty Barnes: He is a 2020 kid. May be a top 1 or 2 player in that class. 6'7" scorer. Can really get up and is very competitive. He can make the 3 and can drive and finish. He plays with Vernon so it will be interesting to see how things play out with Vernon and if that gives us an advantage with Barnes.

    Those are the main guys. If you have a question fire away.

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