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  • Knox's pre-draft workouts have boosted his stock


    How much has Kevin Knox helped himself with his predraft workouts?

    So much that ESPN scouting analyst Mike Schmitz said on a teleconference Monday that he would not rule out Knox going to Cleveland with the eighth pick overall.

    “It’s really going to depend on where (Michael) Porter goes. If Porter goes higher than expected, is he going to push a guy like Wendell Carter down to them, who I'm sure they would like to have at 8, and Bobby (Marks) mentioned two other guys that are probably in the mix there with Sexton and Porter. I think they'll probably give the other two point guards looks in terms of Trae Young and Gilgeous-Alexander, if they're on the board,” Schmitz said.

    “One name I wouldn't rule out is Kevin Knox. I think he's a guy who's really helped himself in this pre-draft process. With Kentucky guys you kind of want to see them away from that setting at times.

    “We saw it with a guy like Devin Booker, who's really popped with freedom in the NBA. He played such a specific role at Kentucky, and I think with Kevin, people are seeing an 18-year-old 6-9 kid who has length and can score in a variety of ways. I do think that he's another guy who will probably get a long look there
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      KeithKSR -
      Knox and SGA each could go anytime after the 6th pick.
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